Abbie: 18 & 19 Months

Well, it only took a year and a half, but I definitely fell behind on these updates.  For the record, I did take these pictures of Abbie at 18 months…and never posted them.  19 month pictures?  Yet to happen, so these are the 18 month ones!

Weight:  About 26 pounds.

Health:  Good, except for the eye stuff that keeps coming back.  At her 18 month appointment, we saw a different doctor who thought it was an infection.  She gave us a prescription (and let me tell you, getting eyedrops into a toddler’s eye is NO fun) and it got a little better, but still keeps coming back.  I think it’s time to find a specialist to look at her eye to see if her tear duct is still clogged and see what we can do about it.

Abbie 18 months

Sleep:  Abbie goes down for the night around 8 am and (usually) sleeps through the night.  She’s been whining a bit in her sleep lately, though.  I think she’s having a growth spurt or has some teeth coming in, since she usually gets cranky when those things happen.  She’s also been way more of a cuddler lately…and this mama is not complaining!

Social:  She loves everyone…but has her occasional shy moments.  She isn’t talking a ton but definitely understands us.  Sometimes she will repeat what we say, but when we ask her to say it again, she won’t.  She consistently says “buh-bye,” “mama,” “dada,” “da” (which means anything from dog to Doc McStuffins), and “shhh.”  I know there’s more in there and am ready for her to start letting it out!

Diet:  All solid food and TONS of water.  We went cold turkey on the bottles last month and she didn’t seem to miss them…except she won’t drink milk from a cup at all.  So, we supplement with cheese and yogurt and call it even.  I can’t make her drink it so I’ve stopped worrying about it.

Abbie 18 months

Clothes:  2T with a few 24 months thrown in.  She isn’t gaining weight very quickly (too busy running it off!), so I’m hoping these clothes will last a while.  On the other hand, it makes it difficult to judge the sizes she’ll be in come winter, and the fall consignment sales aren’t that far away!

Baby Gear/Toys:  She loves puzzles lately and can really understand how to do them.  She still loves blocks, books, her klip-klop horses, our phones…you know, basically anything and everything she can get her hands on.

Crying:  She’s been a bit cranky lately and crying for no reason, and needed so many more cuddles.  Like I said, growing or teeth.  Otherwise, she’s generally a happy little girl.

Abbie 18 months

Likes:  Being outside, the pool, daycare, yogurt, cheese, veggie straws, cuddles, reading the same books over and over again, playing on the big bed, helping with laundry, throwing away random trash she finds (seriously, stuff I don’t even see!), Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, dogs, the cats, bushing her teeth, playing with shoes.

Dislikes:  Things being taken away from her, milk in a cup, being strapped in, when playground time is over.

Milestones:  Only 5 months until you’re 2!

Abbie 18 months



We’ve been through some changes these last few months and there are even more to come.  I know you’ll continue to be my brave girl and handle it all, but I’ll be there if you need more of those extra cuddles.  It’s amazing to watch how smart you and help you figure out new things.  Your personality just continues to come out, and I can’t wait until you can talk to me more (although I may regret that statement later).  I love you so much little bug.





On House Hunting

So, it’s Monday.  It’s also the 21st of the month, which means Abbie is NINETEEN months old today.  I also realized I never posted her 18 month update, even though I took the pictures.  Oops.  I’m kind of glad I forgot until now about her 19 month pictures – She was in a pretty grumpy mood this morning (actually, we all were), so they wouldn’t have turned out too well…but then again, when can you catch a good photo of a toddler?  They just move too fast.

Chris and Abbie

Over the weekend we had our first meeting with our realtor.  We picked him on the recommendation of a friend, signed the paperwork for him to represent us, and officially have started the process.  Next step is talking to a mortgage lender and figuring all that out, and we’re hoping to start looking at houses this coming weekend.  It’s all happening really fast, and our realtor thinks we’ll be able to find a house pretty quickly – there were about 100 homes on the market in the search he ran for us that fit our criteria.

Honestly?  I’m nervous about the whole thing.  I’m such a worrywart in general, and this is a huge decision.  There’s so many factors to consider, and I am just hoping we find the right place and everything works out.  You know when it seems like things are too easy?  I feel a little bit like that right now, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  On the other hand, things have been a bit tight for us for a while, so I’m relieved we’re finally able to do this.  And now I’m rambling.  Anyway, I’m just nervous about the whole thing and praying we find the right house for us.

Then of course, there’s all these people expressing doubt about where we’ve chosen to look (for any of you familiar with northern Virginia, it’s the Manassas area).  It’s frustrating because they just assume we haven’t looked at all aspects of the area.  EVERY area has good and bad parts.  Every area has ups and downs.  I know on one hand they’re trying to help, but on the other, I just want them to butt out.  Chris and I are adults and know how to make decisions for our family, and we’re not dumb.  Obviously we’re going to look at things like schools, the neighborhood, etc.  It’s almost like a few people (most of whom I haven’t’ talked to in years) are looking down on us for it.  Well, unless you want to give us money to live where YOU think is the best place to live, BUTT OUT.  Fairfax county isn’t the only place to live in northern Virginia, and we have budget constraints you know nothing about.  Ugh.  Ok, clearly I’m in a ranting mood this morning.

Long story short, this morning I’m nervous.  And frustrated.  And excited.  And honestly ready to see where the next few months will take us.  And thinking I should maybe de-friend (or is it unfriend?) some people on Facebook.  I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

Did you experience any doubt from friends and acquaintances while house hunting?  Any tips for us?

Oh, Hey Friday 7.18.14

Happy Friday!  I’m loving this new linkup with Karli and Amy, and loving that this week is coming to an end.


It seems like EVERYONE is talking about the Nordstrom anniversary sale… and showing me all the fun things I should buy.  I’m trying not to spend money, guys!  Cut it out!  I do LOVE these Kendra Scott earrings though…and I’m kind of partial to the orange.  Must be the Hokie in me. I’d basically wear them all of football season, so that’s totally worth it, right?


I have a Stitch Fix arriving next week and I’m so excited to see what I get!  I LOVED my last Stitch Fix (see it here), so I’m curious as to what will be in the this one.  I asked for some summery, versatile work appropriate tops and maybe a skirt or dress.  We’ll see what I get!  (If you haven’t signed up yet, you should – it’s so fun!  Just use my referral link here, pretty please?  It gives me a little credit toward my own!)


We officially have a meeting with a realtor tomorrow to start the home buying process!  We’re both nervous and excited.  We’re hoping to find the right house in the next month or so – it seems like there’s a good amount of houses on the market, so hopefully we’ll find it quickly!  Lots of changes coming up for us in the next few months…. and can I say, I’m not looking forward to the actual moving part?  Packing is no fun.


This was my view on the couch last night…all five family members hanging out together.  Abbie loves the cats and has now taken to giving them their toys (and they just kind of stare at her…awkward) and kissing them.  They tolerate her, but I’m hoping as she keeps getting bigger they cuddle up to her a little more.



I’m kind of in a workout rut.  I’ve done tons of walking, but I think it’s finally time to step it up and try some workout videos – any you guys recommend?  I’ve heard great things about T25 and PiYo, and I’m thinking of grabbing one of them from my friend Sarah (who just became a Beachbody coach – you are awesome girl!).  Thoughts?  Anything you guys love?

Happy Friday you guys!

Best of the Internet

The internet seriously amazes me…like, all the time.  Not only do I get this little space to call my own, but so do so many others…and there’s some seriously great stuff out there.  I thought I’d share a few things I’ve loved recently!

This song.  Seriously – so perfect, funny, and inspiring.  This girl may make it big, or she may be a one-hit wonder…but either way, big fan of this!  It’s so important (espeically now that I’m a parent of a daughter) that we embrace our bodies.  We can work to improve them for our own health, but to quote Meghan: “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

This article directed at the typical siblings of a sibling with a disability.  It’s kind of a hard thing to explain to others how life is different when you have a sibling with a disability.  I’ve tried many times, but it’s hard to give it justice.  It’s at once rewarding, difficult, and a great learning experience.  I adore my sister and wouldn’t change her for anything, but being her sibling has been challenging sometimes.  This article nearly made me cry.

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Albus Dumbledore.  Self-explanatory, no?  Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters in the series.  I also really love Hermoine, Neville, and Mrs. Weasley…and wait, I could keep going forever here… Anyway, I LOVE Harry Potter and am about to start rereading the whole series again.   This just gives further proof that I need to.  Also, if you guys aren’t reading Hello Giggles…you’re seriously missing out.  They have some pretty great stuff on a regular basis.

{via hellogiggles}


Also, I really love the new Tory Burch for fitbit line… seriously love.  But why is it SO expensive?  I may be able to justify the silicone bands at $38…but pink or navy?

Anything great you’ve seen on the internet lately?

Family Movie Night

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret, but my love for Movie Night and popcorn is all my own!


I don’t know about you guys, but ever since Abbie was born, we watch a lot fewer movies and a lot more of kids TV shows.  (Most recently, LOTS of Paw Patrol.)  As Abbie’s gotten a little bit older, she’s started to be able to watch longer things, and I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re playing her most recent favorite Disney movie on repeat.  (I can’t tell you how many people told me they did that with Frozen!)

Chris and I LOVE movies, and we used to out to the movies a lot (ironically, seeing kids’ movies).  Now it’s a little harder to get out to the theater, but a movie night in is a perfect fit.  There’s a movie rental kiosk across the street from us, plus we have tons of movies that are tried and true favorites we watch over and over again.  My personal favorite is when there’s a Harry Potter marathon on.  Of course, no movie night is complete without popcorn.

PopSecret and App

Want to know a secret?  I actually prefer the popcorn I make at home to the popcorn at the movies.  I know, I know.  Movie theater popcorn is delicious…but it’s so unhealthy.  By making it at home I know exactly how much I’m eating and what it’s nutrition information is…and that takes any stress out of enjoying it.  I especially love the 94% fat free variety from Pop Secret.

Another thing that takes the stress out?  No burnt popcorn.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve burned popcorn and it’s never good – the smell is the worst!  Luckily, there’s now something that prevents it – the Perfect Pop app by Pop Secret.


You guys, this is the coolest thing – and it’s free!  Plus, it’s easy.  You open the Perfect Pop app and set it to regular bag or snack bag (I buy the snack bags for work snacks, so that’s really handy too).  Then, set your microwave for the recommended popping time and place your phone next to it so it can hear the popping.  You get to watch the bag fill with popped kernels on the app (plus it tells you some fun facts), and it lets you know when to stop the microwave for perfect popcorn.

PopSecret App

It’s kind of ridiculous how easy it is.


Chris was really skeptical about the whole thing, but I even won him over.  Of course, it helped that there was a giant bowl of Pop Secret popcorn in front of his face.

Chris Popcorn

Chris Popsecret

What’s your favorite kind of popcorn?  Do you do anything fun to make it extra special?  I’d love to hear your recipes!