Why I Unfollowed Your Blog

I’m the kind of person who will give almost any blog a chance. It’s pretty easy to do so, since I usually just use Bloglovin’ to organize it, and put it in my “New” category. Many blogs have made it from my “New” category into everyday reads… but some have made me hit the unfollow button.

So, why did I unfollow your blog?

Why I Unfollowed Your Blog

No common interests

If I can’t relate to you, why would I be reading your blog? If you love camping and write about it all the time, I may read your first few because it’s a new topic for me. But if you only write about camping? Well, I may pin your one interesting post and only refer to that. I’m not going to keep coming back because your content just isn’t relatable to me.

Too much religious stuff

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely don’t think people need to avoid religion altogether on their own blogs. If it’s important to you, you should write about it. The trick, at least if I’m going to keep reading, is to make it relateable to me. I am totally on board with you being enthusiastic about your faith. What I want to know is what it means to you. What are the lessons and beliefs that relate to your own life that I may possibly see in my own? Just because we have different beliefs doesn’t mean I won’t find value in yours. It’s by seeing each other’s beliefs in a way we can use in our own lives that makes us grow. Bottom line, talk about YOU and your faith, not just your faith. If I wanted a sermon, I’d go to a church, not your blog.

Too much woe is me

Everyone has tough stuff in their lives. Everyone needs a place to vent and find support. But when 90% of your posts are pitying yourself and the “woe is me” attitude…. Well, no one wants to read that. If I offer support and you reject it… well, I don’t know what to do from there. If I don’t know what to say to help you, I’m going to stop trying and I’m going to stop following. Just how it is.

Your design is a mess

Absolutely nothing makes me click the little red x in the corner faster than a messy, cluttered, or hard to read/navigate design. You could have the best content in the world but a crappy design will still drive me away. Messy, hard to read font? Not going to read through it. Bright crazy colors? Nope, my eyes hurt – goodbye. Use common sense with your design and make it something you’d want to come back to… not just a place where you randomly put all your favorite colors together. Make it flow. Think about your favorite blogs and magazines and emulate that. They’re your favorites for a reason.

You stop posting for months, then attempt to “come back”

This drives me CRAZY. You want to take a blog break? Awesome, do it! Whenever I’ve done that, it’s been great for me – I come back refreshed and ready to take it on again. What drives me nuts is when a blogger announces a break, goes away for a few months, writes a big “I’m back” post… and then disappears again. It’s okay to take a break. Seriously. Just don’t say you’re coming back and don’t actually come back. I’m not going to be waiting around when you finally do.

All your posts are sponsored

This happened to a few blogs I read lately, and I unfollowed all but about two of them. Look, we all do sponsored posts. I’ve done them myself and work hard to support other bloggers when they do them. They help us support our blogs and even earn a bit extra for our families. But when every post is sponsored… well, I start to not trust you anymore. If every post has a sponsor, how do I know what’s really you and what’s sponsored? I’m not going to click over. I want to know the real you – that’s why I’m following your blog. It so important to have a good balance. If I ever have a really sponsor heavy week, I add a few extra personal posts in that week. I want to be myself, not just a walking advertisement. No one wants to read that.

What do you think? Why do you unfollow a blog?

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