Stitch Fix #5

Stitch Fix 5

My most recent Stitch Fix arrived last week, and as always, I was so excited to see what I got. This time I asked for the same stylist as last time since she seemed to really get me (Aileen). She sent me all tops, which is pretty unusual for me – I usually get a mix. Here’s what I got… just don’t mind the laundry in the background.

Lemon Tart Pax Cable Knit Raglan Sweater

Item 1 – Lemon Tart Pax Cable Knit Raglan Sweater

I love love loved the color of this sweater. Deep colors like this generally work really well with my fair skin and dark hair, and this was no exception. It was super soft and fit well, but it was just a bit too short – I prefer my sweaters longer. If it was just a few inches longer, I probably would have kept it. Sent back.

41Hawthorn Ivy Abstract Floral Print Blouse

Item 2 – 41Hawthorn Ivy Abstract Floral Print Blouse

I really loved the print of this, although Chris wasn’t a big fan. I don’t have anything like it already in my closet, and I feel like it’s a shirt that’ll still look good as I lose weight – it’s slightly snug on me now, but I can see myself still loving it when it’s a bit looser. This top also has the option to shorten the sleeves with the tab. It was a little tight across the bust, but not overly so. Kept!

Market and Spruce Taber Foldover 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

Item 3 – Market and Spruce Taber Foldover 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

I didn’t really know what to think of this at first. I like the color, and it’s soft, but the neck is just weird. I didn’t really know what to do with the collar, and the seams on the sleeves hit me in a weird spot. Sent back.

41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

Item 4 – 41Hawthorn Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

This was actually Chris’ favorite item that I got. It’s a great color on me, but this was too tight across the bust and caused a gap between the buttons. I like the style of it and have seen similar tops at other stores, so I’m glad I got to try this on. Sent back.

Pixley Malynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest

Item 5 – Pixley Malynn Asymmetrical Soft Moto Vest

I asked for a vest in this fix after seeing the great ones other people have been getting lately, but this just wasn’t my style. I generally don’t like asymmetrical things, and I felt like it looked funny on me. It did fit well though, and I liked the fabric – it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Sent back.

Want in on Stitch Fix?  It’s super easy!

  • Log in to and you create your style profile.  (Use my referral link pretty please!)
  • You pay a $20 styling fee (which goes toward your order), then the Stitch Fix stylists picks out  5 items for you to try on.
  • The box arrives at your doorstep.  You try them on and decide what to keep, then send back anything you don’t want.
  • Checkout online, giving feedback about what you did and didn’t like about your fix.
  • If you keep all 5 items, you receive 25% off your order.
  • You get to choose your price range, so your stylist has an idea of what you’re willing to spend.

Thoughts on my fix? I’ve really been enjoying Stitch Fix and find it a great way to try new things. What do you think I should request in my next one?

Coffee Talk, November 18

So, I know it Tuesday, but it truly feels like a Monday to me. Maybe I need more coffee… Starbucks needs to hurry up on that delivery model they’re talking about. Let’s pretend we each have some, huh? Here’s what’s on my mind today…

  • I picked up one of these camis from Target over the weekend, and it’s seriously the most comfortable one I’ve ever owned. I’m about to go buy about five more. It’s soft, comfortable, and doesn’t have that stupid built-in bra that so many of them have. Plus, it’s on sale. Seriously, perfect. #targetdoesitagain
  • My parents came up over the weekend so we could celebrate my mom’s birthday… and she requested cheesecake. I always make this recipe with a few modifications. It always cracks, but it’s always delicious, so we don’t care. Abbie was just excited to play with Grandma.


  • Winter has hit Virginia for sure. It was only 26 degrees when I got in my car to head to work this morning, and our high today was only 34. I know there are parts of the country that get way colder, but it’s crazy for it to be this cold here so early. Prime example? I just looked it up and this day last year, the high was 70. So not ready for it to be this cold.
  • I’m always working on incorporating more movement into my everyday life. I think it helps me more with weight loss than doing actual workouts, because I’m more likely to actually do it. I get so much help from apps that help me track it – from my FitBit one of course, but also from this app, simply called Stand Up! You can set it to go off at whatever intervals you want, and it’ll come up and remind you to stand up. I have mine set to go off every 40 minutes during the work day, Monday-Friday. I’m not always able to stand up and take a quick walk, but it’s a great reminder for me and helps me take a break every so often. I feel better when I take a minute to step away every so often.

Stand Up App

  • The other thing that’s really helping is my new Weight Watchers Active Link 2.0. I was an early adopter and lover of the original one. The other week I upgraded, and I love it. The new one syncs via Bluetooth, so I’m able to see my progress all day. I can still wear it on my bra like I wore the other one, but this also has the option to wear it on your wrist. So yes, because I also wear my Fitbit every day, I wear two activity monitors, but that’s what works for me. I’m a crazy person.
  • I know people are just excited about Christmas, but I get a bit annoyed by all the early Christmas decor. Seriuosly, why the rush? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I refuse to have Thanksgiving while surrounded by Christmas decor. Calm down, people!
  • On that note, I’ve seen so many wishlists posted the past few days for a link up… and all I can think of that I want for Christmas is house stuff. Oh the life of a homeowner.
  • We regularly have to stop Abbie from eating cat food… as in, she cannot go into the kitchen without us anymore. I’ve had to dig in her mouth to get it out. Toddlers are so gross.
  • I read this article today, and sadly, it didn’t surprise me at all. I spend so much money on groceries this week, and now I know it isn’t just me, it’s my state. Highest grocery cost in the country is nothing to brag about, Virginia.
  • Abbie’s favorite new game is hiding under the covers in our bed. She even goes as far as shhh-ing us as she hides. It’s the most adorable thing ever.

Abbie Hides

How’s your week going? What would you tell me if we had coffee?

Oh Hey Friday {11.14.14)

Happy Friday guys! How was your week?


There are Thanksgiving recipes popping up everywhere, and that makes my heart happy. It’s my favorite holiday, and the fact that it’s less than two weeks away makes me even happier. Pass the stuffing, please. Not the boxed stuff – I kind of feel sorry for people who don’t know the deliciousness of homemade stuffing.


There is no doubt now that winter is on the way, and some parts of our area even saw sleet and flurries yesterday. While I know there’s so many places it’s colder, I am not looking forward to how long this winter seems it’s going to be! Abbie and I will stay snuggled up inside, thank you very much.



WVU suspended all Greek life activities this week after a fraternity pledge was found unconscious. I’m hoping that that young man is going to okay, but stories like this just make me sad and frustrated. I had a great experience with my sorority and had ZERO hazing, but other organizations and schools unfortunately keep doing things like this. this isn’t helping the Greek community, and it’s important for these students to understand they’re part of a larger experience and community. They’re endangering students and giving the rest of us a bad rap we don’t deserve.


The photos circulating of a certain celebrity I can’t stand (to the point that I refuse to have her name on my blog) have really got me thinking lately about Abbie and the role models I want her to have. I don’t want her to look up to women like that, who just objectify their bodies for attention. My hope is that she looks up to accomplished, driven women who follow their dreams and make a difference. Having a daughter means I need to shield her from some things and make sure I pull her up with others. I consciously think about my praise to her. While I think she’s a beautiful girl (biased mama here), I try to make sure that that’s not all she’s hearing. She needs to hear from an early age that she’s smart, that she’s kind, and that we’re proud of her for trying things. So, so important.


My holiday shopping is slowly getting done. Normally I’m nearly done at this point, but this year is proving to be tougher for gift ideas. I’m hoping to wrap up by Thanksgiving so we can just enjoy the holiday season!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!




Walking With Grandma

Last week was a busy and rough one for me. Tons going on, very little time to myself. I was absent from here. Things were crazy at work and at home. And on Thursday, I had one of the worst traffic days I’ve had in a while – Abbie and I didn’t get home until about 6:45 (I left work at 5). In general, I was in a pretty crabby mood and just wanted to get home.

It happened when I was just about there. I had turned onto the road our neighborhood is off of. I was waiting at the last red light of my commute. Abbie was in the backseat playing on my kindle (thank goodness I had it with me that day – sometimes screen time is necessary). As I sat there at the red light, my mind wandered… and found my Grandma. She would’ve walked here. She would have loved walking here.

The area we live in is pretty walking friendly. There are sidewalks in our neighborhood and down the  street that leads to the main road. If you really want to, you can walk to the shopping center that’s nearby. My grandma loved to walk, and walked everywhere. She was fiercely independent, and walking wherever she needed to go was a huge part of her independence. Grandma and her family fled the Holocaust to New York City, where walking was her freedom, her independence. Really, it was her life.

Grandma and Me

When I think of my grandma, I nearly always think of her walking. Around my parents’ neighborhood with my sisters and I. Around New York with me when I would visit my grandparents as a kid. Desperate to get outside and walk anywhere once she was in the nursing home. Always, always walking.

In truth, I wasn’t close to my Grandma when she was with us. I was much closer to my Grandpa and always preferred him. I see things that remind me of him nearly every day, but this was the first moment I really felt Grandma with me since she’s been gone. I was in tears when I pulled up to our house moments later. I still tear up when I think about it.

It’s amazing the things you remember, and the way things hit you out of the blue. My grandma was just who I needed that day – to remember, and to remind me to to keep walking – always moving forward.

Love and miss you, Grandma. Thanks for the reminder.

Grandma and Baby Me


What SAHMs Don’t Understand

Before I start, please know that in writing this, I am NOT attacking any situation a mother is in. We are all in this together, but motherhood looks different on all of us.

The longer I’m a working mom, the more I feel like stay at home moms (SAHMs) just don’t understand what my life is like. Their lives and mine are worlds apart. While they have their own challenges, they don’t know what it’s like to wake up early, get your whole family out the door, commute to work, work all day, commute home, manage daycare drop-off and pick-up, get dinner on the table, then spend a small amount of time together – just to start bedtime routines and repeat it all the next day. They don’t understand what it’s like to only get to see your child for about 2-3 hours each work day.

I am not complaining. I always knew that I would continue working, that this would be our reality when we started a family. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have frustrating moments, and quite frankly, it annoys me to no end when this whole debate becomes a competition. Usually, I find it’s the SAHMs that start it (by defending themselves) without understanding what the life of a working mom is like.

The other week I started reading this book on my kindle. I thought it would be an entertaining, easy read – the reviews are averaging 4.8 stars on amazon right now. Being the mother of a toddler, it should have been funny, right? Well, it was… in parts.  The longer I read that book, the more I realized it was completely directed at stay at home moms, and I just couldn’t relate. It seemed way over the top and whiny to me. There were a few sentences thrown in here and there about working, but they clearly were not from someone who had experience working a typical full-time work schedule. It seemed like they were an afterthought – put in because the author thought she needed to appeal to more people.

And you know what? That’s her experience, and it’s her book, but it just shows me how little understanding she has of a working mom’s life. Yes, toddlers are frustrating and hard to deal with sometimes, but when you only see them for such a short time each day, who CARES if it’s by watching a TV show you hate? Who cares if they’re clingy and annoying? It just doesn’t matter, and their antics don’t seem so bad. I promise you.

You know what does upset or annoy you as a working mom?

  • Hoarding every second of PTO because you’re terrified of your kid getting sick.
  • Not taking vacations because of the above. You just don’t have enough PTO.
  • Having to suddenly tell your boss that you’re going to be out because daycare is closed. (This actually happened to me TODAY because of Veterans Day tomorrow.) Another reason to hoard PTO.
  • Trying to work in doctor/dentist/other appointments on your lunch breaks.
  • When your little time with your child is carved away during the week. I see Abbie from 6-7am and from 5:25pm until she goes to bed about 8pm. (Plus an hour of that is spent in the car.) No, I can’t do things during the week. It’s just too hard.
  • When people say you’re “letting other people raise your children.” No, I’m not. People don’t say this to dads who work, do they?
  • Spending nearly $1,000/month on child care… on the low end.
  • Emails about fun things… that happen in the middle of the week. From people who KNOW you work full-time. Really?
  • When people try to make you feel guilty about working. I don’t feel guilty about it. Stop making me feel like I should.

See what I mean? These things are all unique to the experience of working moms – or at minimum, my experience. It’s just hard for a SAHM to relate to. Now, I totally have respect for SAHMs. I know it comes with its own unique set of challenges and I don’t have it in me to do it full-time. Do I understand completely what it’s like to be a stay at home mom? Of course not. Do I have a good idea, from my experience with maternity leave, daycare closures, and sick days? Sure – I can absolutely relate and empathize, because in some small way, I’ve been there.

The thing is, there’s no way for the SAHM to really understand what it’s like to be a full time working mom (outside of the home) – because there’s no trial period for doing it. A company isn’t typically going to have you randomly work one day or week just so you can learn what it’s like. You don’t know what it’s like until you’re in it, and you can’t understand something you haven’t experienced. It drives me crazy, and I hate the judgement. I don’t judge your choices, so stop judging mine – especially if you haven’t been in my shoes.

What do you think? Can SAHMs ever understand what full-time working motherhood is like?