#ThanksFrank: A Day in Blacksburg

I hope you guys had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I purposely stayed off social media for most of the day to just spend time with my family. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and I feel like I’m still recovering from them, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to write about last Saturday pass me by. On Saturday, I attended Frank Beamer’s last game in Lane Stadium, and it was probably the most emotional football game of my life. (And you guys, sometimes I cry at regular games. I’m THAT girl.)

VT-UNC 2015

Thanks to my sister getting me a ticket, I was there in Blacksburg as we watched our Hokies lose in overtime, 30-27. We came back from being down two touchdowns to lose in the final minutes. I obviously wish we’d had a different outcome, but it was still a great game – a Beamerball game.


Throughout the game, there were tributes. There were videos that made me cry. The Marching Virginians spelled out “Thanks Frank” on the field. It was the perfect way to pay tribute and say thank you to our beloved coach.

VT-UNC 2015

If you read anything about Frank Beamer, you’ll notice it’s all positive. It’s about the kind of person he is – someone who always does what’s right and does everything he can to help others. He’s truly one of a kind and all of Hokie nation will miss him terribly.

VT-UNC 2015

I’m so glad I got to be there – even if it was an incredibly long day. In fact, I tried to make the drive back in the same day, and failed. You know that moment that you’re just TOO tired? Yep, totally happened to me and we ended up staying the night in a hotel and finishing the drive in the morning. Being safe was worth the hotel charge, and I did get a bit of extra time with my sister.

Now to beat UVA – come on guys, this one’s for all the marbles.


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