Five on Friday

Well friends, we made it to Friday, and I’ve officially survived my first week back to work. What better way to recap it than a quick five?


My first week back to work has gone really well, in fact even better than expected. Everyone keeps telling me they’re happy I’m back and that they missed me, and it’s so nice to feel needed for something other than nursing and changing diapers! It’s kind of nice to have a bit of a “reset” on work and it almost feels like starting over in some ways since I’ve been gone a while. I am making it a point to try to keep up with everything as it comes in since I do have a bit of a fresh start, and I’m hopeful I can keep that up. We’ll see!


The number one thing I was worried about with coming back to work was keeping up my milk supply… and if this week is any indication, I’m going to be just fine. I’ve been averaging about 20 ounces a day by pumping 5 times, and Ella has been drinking anywhere from 8-16. Things are so much different this time than they were with Abbie, and it’s such a relief that I’m able to provide for my baby girl. I’ll go into my pumping routine in more detail in a few weeks (once I’m really established in it), but I’m so relieved with how this week has turned out.


Ella is doing really well at daycare and Abbie adores having her sister with her all day. My provider is actually using the same app that I do to track Ella’s bottles, diapers, and naps, so I can actually see how she’s doing during the day since the app syncs. It’s really nice to know for sure what she’s doing – with Abbie we used a paper log and I didn’t know how her day was until I picked her up. While Ella isn’t a huge fan of the car rides, she usually falls asleep about halfway through and it hasn’t been too difficult. I’m so glad it’s been relatively painless – it makes it so much easier when you can completely trust where your little ones are!


I made it a point on Sunday to prep all my lunches for the week – and it made SUCH a difference. I feel like I’m even hungrier now that I was when on leave, and having my lunches ready to go makes things way easier in the mornings. I had the same salad for lunch all week and only had to throw in snacks and fruit the morning of. SO easy. I’ll share the salad recipe soon!


I just came back to work, but I’m already taking off on Monday because of President’s Day. My company doesn’t give it as a holiday, but daycare is closed so I’ll be home with my girls. Fingers crossed we have a good day and maybe I get a nap!

That’s my Friday – have a great weekend all!



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