Celebrating Pi Day with a Piece Offering

A little over a month ago, I went back to work after 15 weeks of maternity leave. While for the most part it’s been an easy transition, it has made us busier than ever, and occasionally that puts me a little on edge. There’s so much to do every day and it always feels like I’ll never get it all done.

Celebrating Pi Day? Check out how I used Pi Day to keep the peace in our household!

Unfortunately, sometimes I take those feelings out on Chris. I’m stressed, frustrated, and pressed for time – and sometimes I blow up at him for the tiniest things, or for no apparent reason. 

Honestly, he really does his fair share around the house and is a great dad. He doesn’t deserve it when I blow up at him like that. Most times I just apologize, but in honor of Pi Day today I did something a little special and got him a pie. Not just any pie – an  Edward’s Cookies and Cream Pie.

Chris and both love all things Cookies and Cream – it’s one of the first things we realized we had in common when we started dating. So naturally, it was my flavor of choice to celebrate Pi Day and offer a little Piece Offering to my dear husband for handling my crazy. I love Edward’s pies because they’re always delicious – the cookie crust is perfect and I’ve always liked frozen pies better than baked ones. Plus, it’s easy – pull it out of the freezer for a few minutes and it’s ready to go. This busy mom likes that!

Just as I expected, he loved it. Now here’s hoping he doesn’t expect a pie every time I have to apologize!

What flavor of pie would you choose as a piece offering? You can see all of the Edward’s Pie flavors on their Facebook page – let me know what you would pick in the comments!