Finding the Right Bottle

This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

Being a working mom has its own unique set of challenges, especially when you’re also a nursing mom. One of the things I really wanted to ensure in my return to work was that we were able to keep nursing. From the start, breastfeeding Ella has been a much better experience than breastfeeding Abbie, and I wanted to do everything I could to preserve that upon my return to work last month. That meant finding bottles that would allow Ella to eat while at daycare (or home with dad or a grandparent!), but still be happy to nurse when I’m with her.

When you're a working and breastfeeding mom, it's so important to find a bottle that works for both you and your baby. We've loved these! #sponsored

In a perfect world, every baby would take any kind of bottle – but we don’t live in a perfect world. The real world means some babies are picky and not every bottle will work, especially when you’re nursing. We’ve tried several kinds, and most recently got the chance to try the new NUK Simply Natural bottles.

The Simply Natural bottles are unlike any other bottle I’ve seen in that the nipple is truly molded just like a mother’s breast. It’s flexible and helps promote a continuous latch, which makes switching between the bottle and the breast easy. The nipples have up to nine holes depending on the flow rate, just like a mother’s breast. It’s also just a four pieces, which makes it really easy to clean – a relief to this busy mom with enough dishes to do as it is!

Ella took to the Simply Natural bottle right away, and we had no problems going back to nursing. It’s such a relief to find a bottle that makes it easy to continue nursing even when I’m back at work. I would love to continue nursing for as long as possible, and having a bottle that supports my goals makes it so much easier to reach them.

We have been loving these bottles and I definitely recommend them for any nursing mom, but especially for those going back to work! You can find more information on the Nuk Simply Natural website and they’re easy to find at both Target and Walmart, along with the Freemie cups I love and use every day (at Target here and Walmart here)!