Ella: Seven Months

It’s the third of the month, so that means it’s time for an Ella update!

Miss Ella is seven months old! Here's what she's been up to for the past month!

Ella at seven months:

  • Weight: I seriously think this kid is nearly 20 pounds – she is packing on the weight and I love it. Carrying her is more and more of a workout every day!
  • Length: No clue, but she was 27 inches at the doctor last month!
  • Still blue eyed with light brown hair. Her eyes and smile are definitely just like her daddy’s.
  • Girlfriend is in all 9 and 12 month clothes, and I don’t know that the 9 month ones will last much longer.

  • Knock on wood, but no doctor’s visits lately. Let’s keep it that way, little girl!
  • We are officially at 7 months of breastfeeding and I just I can’t believe it. We’ve officially made it longer than I nursed Abbie. It’s such hard work, especially the pumping, but fingers crossed we make it even longer. We have a big challenge the end of this month when I go out of town without her for 4 days, but I’m hopeful I’ll be able to keep my supply up while I’m gone and that she’s good for Chris.

  • This girl loves food (despite still having no teeth). Food has been so much for her and I have yet to find something she doesn’t like. She typically gets a puree at lunch at daycare, and at dinner I give her another puree in addition to some table food. Her favorites so far are chicken, green beans, pasta, and bananas!
  • I had enough of the night waking a few weeks ago and we did sleep training… and Ella is now sleeping through the night again (thank goodness). It was a rough 2 days or so, but so worth it. We used the Sleepeasy method this time at the suggestion of my friend Kristy, and I loved that it was so similar to Ferber but included a method for night weaning. I definitely recommend it! Ella goes down for the night anywhere from 7:30-8:30 and usually sleeps until we wake her about 6:15, although today she wanted to celebrate turning 7 months by getting up at 5:45. Stinker.

  • We’ve hit the stage of absolutely everything in the mouth and my necklaces are no longer safe. I’ve started wearing teething necklaces so they’re safe for her to grab on to, and luckily a friend of mine is starting up the cutest shop with gorgeous ones – she sent me one and I’ve been wearing it nonstop, so you’ll see it on my Instagram soon!
  • Ella cannot stay still. She still has little interest in sitting but rolls and scoots around the floor constantly. She’s never in the same place I put her down and I know she’s going to be crawling before I know it.
  • Still in her cloth diapers, but if she was in disposables she’d be in size 3!

  • Ella is getting better on the evening commute by the day, and the bigger seat has definitely helped. I typically give her a few toys when we get in the car, then hand her more from the front seat as she inevitably drops them. Some days are tough, but it is how it is.
  • Momma’s girl all the way. If she sees me or hears me, she has to have me. I love it, but sometimes just need a break.
  • Nicknames: Miss Ella, Ellabella, Miss Thing, Boo Boo

Life with Two:

Abbie just adores Ella. She has told us on more than one occasion that she loves being a big sister. She constantly wants to pick out Ella’s outfits and the color of her diaper and wants to wear bows just like Ella’s. She’s always reaching for her in the car to hold her hand, and Ella loves to watch her big sister.


Postpartum is just the weirdest time, isn’t it? My hair is starting to grow back, so I’m getting the dreaded baby hairs. Now that Ella is eating two meals a day, I’m officially dropping my Weight Watchers points down, and I’m hoping that helps my weight loss since I’ve been stalled. The only thing I’m nervous about with that is it possibly effecting my supply, but we’ll see. Mentally, I’m in a pretty good space – I still have rough days that I feel overwhelmed, but they’re much fewer than they were early on. Overall, I feel pretty good.

That’s seven months with our sweet Miss Ella! We’re now closer to one than the newborn stage!

Miss Ella is seven months old! Here's what she's been up to for the past month!


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