Making Memories with our Kids

Since Ella is my second baby, I’m all too familiar with how fast time goes. With Abbie, I never really felt that it was flying by. I felt and enjoyed every moment of her first year and the subsequent ones – so many firsts, and all of them exciting. With Ella, I feel it’s all flying by so much faster. Maybe it’s because I’ve been through this before, but somehow my baby is nearly 8 months old, sitting, and crawling backwards. We’re now reaching what I think is the most fun part of the first year, and I can’t handle how big she’s getting.

It’s so important to me to remember as much as I can about this year, and to be present in it. I am constantly reminding myself to put the phone down and play. To take a few quick photos then really concentrate on playing with my two girls, making Ella giggle with silly noises and watching them learn to be sisters. There’s nothing better for me than sitting on the floor with them and watching them play.

These are the memories we’re making, the moments I don’t want to forget. I want to concentrate on that, not the craziness of everything we need and have to do to raise our girls – I need things to be easy and cost effective. After all, we are raising two of them!

Sam’s Club always has great deals, and right now they are making every mom’s life easier with their Huggies bundle – no coupons needed. I don’t know about you, but I literally always forget to bring my coupons to the store. Every single time. This is easy peasy – instantly get $10 off two products and $18 off three. We were there earlier this week and grabbed the Little Movers diapers and the Natural Care wipes. I think Ella’s favorite part was the shopping cart.

Sam's Club Shopping Cart

We were also able to grab a few other essentials while we were there, because like I said – I need easy. This box of diapers is a month’s supply, so we won’t need to buy more anytime soon, and we can instead use our free time playing on the floor with our girls and making memories.

Make sure you head here to find the store closest to you and here to check out all the Huggies products Sams Club carries!


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