Switching to Preschool

I mentioned in my catch up post last week that we were switching Abbie to a more structured daycare setting, and today’s the day. Today is the day I bring Abbie to a different daycare for the first time in four years.

Abbie has been in the same home daycare since the day I went back to work – April 5, 2013. I will never forget the emotions of that first day. Wondering if I had left enough for milk and formula for her to drink. Praying that trusting my gut in picking our daycare was the right decision. So incredibly sad at leaving my baby in someone else’s care, and the tears that flowed as I drove from there to work. I remember doing my makeup in the car that day since I knew I wouldn’t make it through drop off with it on.

As far as working moms go, I am one of the lucky ones. That choice I made in trusting my gut has been one of the best decisions I could have made. We found an amazing woman who cared for Abbie as her own. Once the nervewracking first few weeks went by, I never again worried about Abbie, and now Ella, during the workday. I’ve always known she was well taken care of and having fun with the other kids.

The thing is, that day we first dropped her off was over 4 years ago. A lot changes in four years, and a four-year-old has very different needs than a four-month-old. Over the past few months, we started to notice that Abbie seemed a little bit bored. In the four years that have gone by, Abbie had gone from the youngest kid in daycare to the oldest, and more and more she was looking for more structure, more stimulation, and most of all, friends her own age.

As much as it broke my heart to do it, we started looking for a daycare with a dedicated preschool program – the centers we had kept her out of for so long. We found one very close to our house that we think will be a good fit, and the best part is that Abbie is now old enough to tell us if it isn’t.

I cried the day I told daycare about the change. For over four years, I’ve trusted my daughter’s well-being during the day to one person, and now it’s changing. Friday was Abbie’s last day there, but Ella’s staying even though it’s a bit more work for us. I teared up on Friday too, and I’m so going to miss picking up my girls together. But it’s time for a new adventure. Wish us luck.


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