Easy Ice Cream Cookie Cups


One of the things I struggle with most as a working mom is finding the best foods to feed my family. I’m always looking for products with simple wholesome ingredients to use in all our family recipes – even when it’s a treat!

These ice cream cookie cups are just that – an easy treat that uses real ingredients. I used ice cream made with real California milk for these, and I know I can trust the quality.


Not only can I trust the quality of real California Milk, I love the initiatives they support, including their new Spot the Seal program. For every Real California Milk seal you post with the #SealsforGood hashtag, they will donate $5 to the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, up to $20K. I have friends in both Texas and Florida, and I love that they’re using their brand to raise money for those who need it.

Real California Milk

Spotting the seal, especially on the east coast, is like a scavenger hunt! I was excited to spot it on a gourmet ice cream, and these Ice Cream Cookie Cups were born! They’re super easy, customizable, and kid friendly!

Ice Cream Cookie Cups

Yield 9 Cookie Cups


9 Cupcake Liners

9 Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

1 pint ice cream made with Real California Milk

Chocolate Cookie Crumbles

Whipped Cream


Line 9 cupcake wells with paper cupcake liners.

Place one sandwich cookie at the bottom of each cupcake well.

Warm up the ice cream in the microwave in 20 second intervals until soft to scoop. Add one scoop to each cupcake well.

Top with cookie crumbles, if desired. Return to freezer until frozen solid.

Top with whipped cream, as desired, and enjoy!

Have you seen the Real California Milk seal on products in your store? Make sure you share a photo with the hashtag #SealsforGood to raise money for the cause!

#AD Looking for an easy treat with ingredients made from Real California Milk? These Ice Cream Cookie Cups are easy, customizable, and totally kid-friendly!

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