Simple 401k Management for Working Moms


When I switched jobs last month, there were a lot of changes in our lives. My hours changed, my commute changed, and daily routines changed. But in addition to all of those big changes I could see, there were some I couldn’t – like changes in our benefits. I have always carried the benefits for our family, so a switch in my job meant looking at those carefully and deciding what to do about all of it. We looked at everything and made decisions on all of it, including planning for my 401k.

Speaking of 401ks – why the heck are they so confusing?

In every 401k I’ve ever participated in, I’ve been told a few things – always contribute to it, try to give at minimum what your company will match, and to be aware of your investments. You guys, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve tweaked my 401ks over the years. I basically go in, set it, and let it do its thing – but that probably isn’t the best strategy, right? But I don’t know any different, and I certainly didn’t have the time to sit there and figure it all out. I mean, you all know I’m a full-time working mom. I can barely get my laundry folded!

Clearly, that doesn’t work, and I need something that will just take care of everything for me – something I can trust, something that is easy, and something that will do all the legwork for me. Enter Blooom.

Blooom works with your existing 401k to make managing it EASY. It was founded by financial experts who were tired of giving their advice only to the highest net worth clients and wanted to bring it to everyone. For a low fee of $10 a month per account, they will manage your investments, avoid the hidden fees you may be paying, and make sure your money is working for you and your goals. To me, that is $10 a month that is well worth it – such a savings in time for me!

I took about 5 minutes to do the self-assessment on their site, and I am so ready to hand over the management of my 401k to Blooom. My new job’s 401k doesn’t kick in for a few months, but once it does I’m definitely signing up and making sure I have Blooom as a part of my plan. It just makes so much sense for me, so head here for your free self-assessment and see if it makes sense for you too!

Because constantly reading about investments and manually managing my 401k? This mom does not have time for that – I am busy enough (hello, 40-hour work week and 2 hours of commuting per day). I’d much rather spend my time managing these two little girls of mine. They are absolutely what matters most to me, so I’ll leave all the planning and money managing up to the experts.

How do you manage your 401k? Will you try Blooom?


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