The Ultimate List of White Elephant Gifts Under $25

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I cannot believe that we are officially halfway through December – it’s crazy. If you work full-time like I do, December brings lots of things to the workplace – holiday parties, treats from co-workers, and one you may either love or dread – the White Elephant gift exchange.

If you’re unfamiliar with the White Elephant gift exchange rules, here’s a quick refresher:

  • Everyone brings in a wrapped gift under a certain limit (usually $20-$25)
  • You draw numbers to see what order you’ll pick gifts in.
  • The person with #1 picks a gift and opens it so all can see what it is.
  • The person with #2 then has two options – steal the gift from #1 or pick a new gift from the pile. If they steal a gift, that person picks a new gift from the pile.
  • Continue until you get to the end. Gifts can only be stolen once per turn, and once a gift is stolen 3 times, it cannot be stolen anymore.
  • I like to add the rule that at the end, person #1 gets to keep the gift they have or trade with anyone else!

The challenge, of course, is finding something within the limit that everyone will like. While a lot of people choose to bring alcohol, I actually try to stay away from it since you never know if people drink or not. Instead, I look for (mostly) gender-neutral gifts that are things people might not think of, and I consider it a success if my gift is stolen 3 times! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, I’ve got you covered today – with this huge list of things perfect for gift exchanges. Bonus? Every single one of them is on Amazon.

You’re welcome.

Have a work gift exchange? Check out this list of the best ideas for a White Elephant Gift Exchange - most of them gender neutral and available on Amazon! #Gifts #GiftExchange #WhiteElephant

The Ultimate List of White Elephant Gifts Under $25

  1. Bluetooth Speaker – We got one of these for one of Chris’ gift exchanges a few years ago and it was a HUGE hit.
  2. Tervis Water Bottle – Because you can never have too many water bottles.
  3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Essential for my workday – I notice a huge difference when I use these and when I don’t!
  4. Essential Oil Diffuser – I like to pair this with one of the freebies I’ve gotten from my Young Living orders, but just the diffuser is a great gift too!
  5. Popsocket – These things are so handy. I really need to get one for myself!
  6. Adult Card Games – Cards Against Humanity, What do you Meme (this one is $30), and The Voting Game are great options.
  7. Marble Coasters – Because who doesn’t need more coasters?
  8. Mini Lightbox – Super cute for your desk at work!
  9. Glass Candy Bowl filled with candy – I don’t think anyone would be mad about getting this filled with some Reese’s.
  10. Car Care Kit or Emergency Kit – If you live in a transit-heavy city, this might not work, but where we are pretty much everyone has a car!
  11. Nerf Gun – Pretty popular with the guys.
  12. Magnetic Poetry – Let’s bring this old-school thing back! So fun and there are so many different kits.
  13. Mini Letter Board – I’m obsessed with these things.
  14. Throw Blanket – There can never be too many blankets on my couch.
  15. Mini Cornhole Game – When you need a brain break from working.
  16. Wine Glasses or Beer Glasses – Pretty obvious, without actually gifting alcohol.
  17. Soduku or Crossword Book with Pencils – My dad does crosswords in pen. How I’ll never know.
  18. Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils or Markers – Because sometimes it’s fun to be a kid again.
  19. Touch Screen Gloves – It’s cold, but of course we’re still using our phones outside!
  20. Mini Tool Set – So handy for both the office and home!
  21. Portable Charger – Never run out of power for your phone again.
  22. Set of Spices – I love getting unique ones that people would never buy on their own!
  23. Travel Mug – I can never have too many of these. Just ask my husband.
  24. Rubix Cube – Some old-school run.
  25. Electric Kettle – For the tea drinkers – I have one of these and it’s so much faster than heating a tea kettle on the stove!
  26. Cookbooks – You all know I’m a cookbook lover, so your options are endless here. Great options are anything by Ree Drummond or Ina Garten or holiday cookie cookbook! You could also just peruse the cookbook editor’s picks and pick whatever catches your eye!
  27. Cast Iron Skillet – This is the most used pan in my kitchen, and they’re not expensive at all!
  28. Ear Buds – This is a whole list of choices. Those darn things get lost ALL the time. You can never have too many.
  29. Tile Mate – These are so cool – they make sure you never lose what they’re attached to by linking to your phone! They can also ping your phone if you can’t find it! It’s currently unavailable as just one, but you can buy a multipack and keep the rest for yourself!
  30. Mini Steamer – Because no one likes ironing or wrinkled clothes.

Hope this is helpful for all of you, and make sure you pin the image below! Happy shopping!

Have a work gift exchange? Check out this list of the best ideas for a White Elephant Gift Exchange - most of them gender neutral and available on Amazon! #Gifts #GiftExchange #WhiteElephant



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