Finding Me Time as a Mom



Let me set the scene for you. It’s 6:45 pm. You’re in the middle of making dinner for yourself and your husband. Your five-year-old is yelling that she needs help in the bathroom (when do they learn to do that themselves, anyway?), your toddler is whining for her dinner as you scramble to get some chicken nuggets on her high chair, and you’re dangerously close to setting off your smoke detector again.

I cannot tell you the number of evenings I’ve had just like that… and I bet you have too. Becoming a mom is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, but it’s also the most exhausting. Most of my days have just a bit of crazy in them, and after all that, I sometimes need just a minute to myself.

Okay, maybe more than a minute.

As moms, we are constantly putting so much into our kids – teaching them, cooking for them, cleaning up after them, and more. If we have spouses, we try our best to carve out time for them too, and then… maybe a little time for ourselves.

We so often put ourselves last, but finding that little bit of time is so important. I may be a mom, wife, worker, sister, and daughter – but I’m also me. Long before I was all those things, I was Jess.

And sometimes Jess just needs a little bit of a quiet… and a little something sweet. That’s a bit of a challenge when you’re actively watching what you eat. As much as I’d like it to be, an apple is definitely not the same as a bowl of ice cream. Not even close.

That’s why I was ecstatic to try Breyers delights Cookies and Cream last week – and I think I’ve found my favorite indulgence – without the guilt. Because guilt has no place in my me time.

Now, I have tried a LOT of “healthier” ice creams… and was disappointed with so many of them. So many have an aftertaste I can’t get past or are made with ingredients I can’t pronounce. That’s another reason I love Breyers delights. It’s made with fresh cream and high-quality ingredients – with 1/2 the calories, twice the protein, and 10-40% less fat than you’d see in a comparable Breyers ice cream. It’s delicious and fits perfectly into my healthier lifestyle so I don’t feel guilty about it for a moment.

Another reason I don’t feel guilty for one second? Breyers delights is available at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club – so I know I’m getting the best price on my indulgence.

How do you fit in me time as a mom? I’d love to hear what your little indulgence is!


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