What’s in my Mom Bag


When I was a kid, I always thought of my mom’s purse as almost a magic bag. She always seemed to have everything I could want in it – and I always wanted to go through it to see what was inside (sorry, mom). Now that I’m a mom, that “mom bag” isn’t so magical. Nowadays, I’m the one trying to make sure I have absolutely everything my girls could need, in addition to the essentials I want to carry for myself.

Since I work full-time, I tend to carry a big purse during the week and the diaper bag on weekends. I just move a few items from one bag to another for the weekend – the things I consider my essentials. So what are these essentials?

My wallet. Now, this is an obvious one, but I was very specific about my choice of wallet. I chose a large wallet with a wrist strap – one that is big enough to zip my phone into if I need it. I wanted to make sure I could just grab out one thing if I needed to, and this does the trick. I happened to get this one during a big sale last year, but there are so many great places to get one – just measure your phone before you start looking so you know how big it needs to be!

A notebook and pen. While I do always have my phone on me for notes, I am constantly thinking of things I need to remember, so I’ve always got a notebook and a pen. This is just a simple one from Target!

Wet Wipes. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are constantly making messes. Come to think of it – I make my fair share of messes myself! I love having these Kleenex Wet Wipes in my bag for every kind of mess. They’re gentle on skin but tough on messes, and are ready to go every time I need them. I’ve gotten into the habit of picking them up at Target every time we go!

Lipstick or chapstick. I don’t know about you, but having lipstick on always makes me feel more put together. We all need to feel that way sometimes, right? I typically grab a lipstick in the morning and add it to my bag for touch-ups, so it’s not unusual for me to end up with several in my bag after just a few days. Having that in my bag is a great confidence booster for me when I need a little bit of a boost, and I definitely consider it an essential for me!

What are your mom bag essentials? I’d love to know what’s always in your bag!

Make sure you head to Target to grab your Kleenex Wet Wipes – I know they’ll be an essential in your bag too! You can get them online at Target.com or at your local Target store – because what mom doesn’t want to head to Target?


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