Easy Cleanup of Summer Messes

This post is sponsored by Clorox®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It feels like we just had temperatures in the 20s, but summer is headed our way before we know it. Those longer days come with lots of summer fun, and with that comes summer messes.

You know the ones I mean – the chalk, the fingerpaint, the puddles, and more. The messes are constant and keeping them contained is always a challenge. Despite that, there are a few things you can do to minimize the messes!

  • Do messy activities outside and clean up outside where you can. This is my number one rule. Obviously water fun stays outside, but keep some towels right by the door to dry off before heading in. Play with paint at an outside table, and make sure to rinse it from your kids’ hands before heading in. We always try to take advantage of the weather, and keeping the messes outside is a great bonus!

  • Keep clean up supplies by the door. A simple basket with towels, wipes, and even some spare clothes is a great thing to keep by the door or in your mudroom. Make sure to throw in a wet bag for any gross clothes, and you’re one step ahead of the mess.
  • If the kids are messy, get them in the tub right away! My girls can play in the tub forever – it keeps them contained and having fun while we can get any messes cleaned up and get laundry started if we need to.
  • Make cleaning the mess they leave behind easier. Inevitably, there’s going to be a mess left behind – on the floor, on surfaces, in the tub – you name it, your kids will get it messy. We have always been big fans of Clorox® wipes, and these new Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers that I picked up at Walmart are the best yet! They’re three times stronger to withstand all the tough messes and I love their dual-sided feature, which makes it easier to keep going with a big mess. They’re great in all areas of your home, but definitely most used in my bathrooms and kitchen! Make sure you head here for more info and to find them at your local Walmart!

Are you prepared for summer messes? Leave your favorite messy summer activities in the comments!


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