Summer 2018

Hey look! I’m back – writing a blog post. Imagine that.

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been absent here, or maybe you haven’t. Other than a few sponsored posts I had already committed to here and there, I haven’t been around too much… because as I’m sure you all know from firsthand experience, things have been busy. This season of life has been so full.

Our home is full of laughter and the wild antics of these two girls of ours. Our work lives are full of new skills, new friendships, and navigating new experiences. Our social lives are full of friends, and our free time is full of relaxation and family time. So despite being absent here, our lives have been anything but. Our lives have been full and happy these past few months, and I have been enjoying as much as I can of it.

One of the main reasons I used to blog so much is because I really felt I was missing something, and I was looking for an outlet. Nowadays, I really feel fulfilled, and I don’t need this outlet quite so much. This is not to say I’m leaving the blog world or anything like that, but it’s been nice to just not worry so much about things and just BE. I’ve been reading for the first time in the longest time. I’ve been snuggling my girls and folding entirely too much laundry. And the thing is, I want to write about that too.

We often hear that motherhood is hard, and it’s true that it can be. But the flip side of it for me has been the contentment it brings. There are always going to be challenging moments, and I know they’ll never truly end – after all, I still need my mom and dad! But this season has been one of the most fulfilling and content ones of my life.

I’ve also been wanting to focus more on my health, and on sharing that journey. The first time I lost weight (13 years ago now), there was no online weight loss community. It was me, a paper tracker, my Weight Watchers meeting, and the support of my friends and family. Nowadays, that’s different, and there’s a whole community of people just like me… that I never knew existed. I want to share more of that, and talk about that – the struggles of constantly restarting, of always fighting to be the best person I can be.

So that’s where we’re at in the Beer household. There are changes on the horizon (Abbie starts Kindergarten in two weeks) and so much growth to come. I’m ready to share all of that with you.


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