Hello, 2019.

Well, another year has gone, with another new year staring us in the face. It’s weird how it happens, isn’t it? One moment you’re solidly in a year you’ve spent 364 days living in, and the next you have a brand new, clean slate.

I’ve seen it written that there’s nothing magical about January 1, and it’s true. Really, it’s just an abstract measurement of time, and not necessarily something to pin all our hopes and dreams, all our wishes for a new reality. And yet… every year, how many of us view it that way? View it as a new start, a way to wipe all of the last year away and become better than we have been. We make plans, choose words, set resolutions. All in the hope of being better than we were before, in improving ourselves in some way.

Like so many of you, I’ve done the same. I’ve set a few goals and have (mostly) picked a word for this year, which I hope to share once it’s all a bit more concrete. One thing that completely fell off at the end of 2018 was this space. This little corner of the internet, started so long ago, was neglected. I took a few sponsored posts, but it mostly sat unchanged, with the pieces I used to write – my true thoughts – stuck in my head and heart, and not pouring out on to the page as they used to.

My life is changing every day, in amazing ways and challenging ones. Motherhood is a joy and drain. My health is a battle I’m always trying to win, and there are so many more words inside me that I haven’t let out. I’ve always been a writer – from my stories and essays in elementary school to my teenage journals, to my newspaper stories in college. This is my space to write, and I haven’t been doing it lately. I miss it, and I miss the community here. I miss going to my friends’ blogs to read up on their weekends and see the latest photos of their kids, and I miss reading the thoughts of people so different from me, thoughts that made me see things in a different way.

So that’s one of the things I hope to do this year. To pop in more often, and to just write. I’ve missed this, and I’m hoping this is a promise I can keep to 2019.

Happy New Year, friends.


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