Laid off Due to COVID-19

I will never forget the cool, calm tone of her voice. “Your position has been eliminated.” I sat there on the phone in shock. Absolute shock. What started as a productive day in my new work-from-home life had become the last day I was employed. I foolishly never saw it coming. Now, I was listening […]

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Hi there friends. Let’s chat. I write this to you sitting at my dining room table, just days into the self-imposed quarantine we’re all doing in light of the spread of COVID-19. I have struggled to find the words to express all the feelings I have about the situation we’re all in. Some moments, I […]

The Ultimate List of White Elephant Gifts Under $25

I cannot believe that we are officially halfway through December – it’s crazy. If you work full-time like I do, December brings lots of things to the workplace – holiday parties, treats from co-workers, and one you may either love or dread – the White Elephant gift exchange.

The Best Gifts for a Meaningful Holiday

Does anyone else struggle to figure out the perfect gifts for your kids? I know I do. I’ve been trying to be really intentional about gifts for the girls this holiday season, and looking for the right balance between meaningful gifts and fun ones. It isn’t easy, especially with an almost seven year old who wants all the things in the toy catalog, but doesn’t always look for the connection behind it.

Back to School Tips for Working Parents

It’s finally my favorite time of the year. No, not the holidays.

Back to school.

Even as a kid, I always loved going back to school. My family didn’t take a lot of vacations, so I spent summers reading as many books as I could, doing summer assignments, and doing my best to keep cool in the heat and humidity of Virginia summers.

Summer 2019

Hi there friends. It’s been a while. This summer, I took a much-needed break from blogging. There was too much pressure, too many things to do, and I was extraordinarily busy personally. Since I have a full-time job and this isn’t my livelihood, blogging understandably took a backseat. But I’m back at it and ready […]