Back to School Tips for Working Parents

It’s finally my favorite time of the year. No, not the holidays.

Back to school.

Even as a kid, I always loved going back to school. My family didn’t take a lot of vacations, so I spent summers reading as many books as I could, doing summer assignments, and doing my best to keep cool in the heat and humidity of Virginia summers.

Summer 2019

Hi there friends. It’s been a while. This summer, I took a much-needed break from blogging. There was too much pressure, too many things to do, and I was extraordinarily busy personally. Since I have a full-time job and this isn’t my livelihood, blogging understandably took a backseat. But I’m back at it and ready […]

3 Unexpected Uses for Dawn

You know those weird little quirks you grow up with that make you who you are? Well, I’ve got a little story for you today. When I was a kid, my mom was always trying to save money. I’m the oldest of four children, and she bought a lot of things in the generic version, with just a few things she was always brand loyal on. One of those things is something I still purchase regularly to this day – Dawn dish soap.

The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Come to Our House

“Being Jewish means, to some extent, you’re always on the outside looking in. Like you’re not part of the majority culture in a lot of different ways.” -Jennifer Weiner Sunday morning, Abbie woke us up bright and early – 5:52 am. While not unusual, it is a little bit on the early side for her. […]

Best Audiobooks of 2019, Part 1

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more details. Living in the DC area, it’s nearly always a certainty that you’ll have a long commute. Since I typically spend about 2 hours in the car each day, the radio gets old pretty fast. As a lifelong lover of books, I delved into […]

My Toddler is in a Cast – Because of a Slide

I learned something new last weekend, and in a way I never expected. Slide injuries in kids are a thing guys – and a common thing at that. See, that’s my two-year-old in a cast – a purple one that she picked the color of herself. Why is she in a cast, do you wonder? […]