Curbing Your Sweet Tooth on Whole 30

Like so many people, I’ve been on a quest to watch what I’m eating this year and really concentrate on taking care of my body. I would venture to guess that getting healthier is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and my goals for the year are no different.

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3 Tips for Keeping Warm in Your Cold Office

It’s kind of a fact of life when you work in an office environment that the temperature is never quite right. There’s the times the weather suddenly turns warm and your office is an oven, and the times that it’s freezing – both outside and inside. Our office even has offices that are frigid the same day that others are sweltering. Sometimes it is a struggle to stay comfortable.

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Hello, 2019.

Well, another year has gone, with another new year staring us in the face. It’s weird how it happens, isn’t it? One moment you’re solidly in

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Investing in Family Time

Anyone else feel like the time goes by way too fast, with nowhere near enough of it spent with our loved ones? I definitely do. As a working mom, and especially in this season of the busiest time of the year, I struggle to make sure I’m paying attention to spending time with my family. Sure, we can do little things – cook dinner together, read a few extra stories – but are we really spending quality time together in the day to day? No, not nearly enough. We’re always stressed, tired, and just not looking for those special experiences – so it’s definitely something we need to work on.

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