Hello, 2019.

Well, another year has gone, with another new year staring us in the face. It’s weird how it happens, isn’t it? One moment you’re solidly in

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Investing in Family Time

Anyone else feel like the time goes by way too fast, with nowhere near enough of it spent with our loved ones? I definitely do. As a working mom, and especially in this season of the busiest time of the year, I struggle to make sure I’m paying attention to spending time with my family. Sure, we can do little things – cook dinner together, read a few extra stories – but are we really spending quality time together in the day to day? No, not nearly enough. We’re always stressed, tired, and just not looking for those special experiences – so it’s definitely something we need to work on.

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TLC for Your Winter

Just a few weeks ago, we were enjoying the early stages of fall. It was slowly starting to cool off and we were all thankful the humidity was calming down – and then suddenly, the cold weather hit. We are officially in late fall to early winter weather here, and I am looking forward to all the cozy nights in to come. Fall and winter are just the perfect time to curl up on the couch and take a little extra care of ourselves, right? We can all use just a little extra care.

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Easy Salsa Bites

You guys, I cannot believe it’s November! That means it’s my favorite time of year, and the holidays are well on their way. I never feel anywhere near prepared enough for all the events coming my way – the parties, the gifts, the onslaught of birthdays in my family – there is so much going on that it’s hard to keep up, let alone be ready for everything.

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Fresh Finds for Fall

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time at all, you know that fall is my favorite season. Then again, most young moms would likely say the same. There’s something about it – the leaves changing, school back in session, and the air finally cooling off that just changes your perspective on things. So many people crave new things when the calendar hits January 1, but for me? That all happens in the fall.

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