Fresh Finds for Fall

If you’ve been reading here for any length of time at all, you know that fall is my favorite season. Then again, most young moms would likely say the same. There’s something about it – the leaves changing, school back in session, and the air finally cooling off that just changes your perspective on things. So many people crave new things when the calendar hits January 1, but for me? That all happens in the fall.

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Halloween Tips for Working Parents

I have a confession to make – Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.

Growing up, it always just seemed like a lot of work, and my favorite part was passing out the candy – because then I could take the good stuff for myself (I mean, why would I give away all those peanut butter cups?). My girls, however, LOVE Halloween. They get that from my mother-in-law, who has made Abbie’s (and now Ella’s) costumes for the past few years. Abbie usually picks her costume by mid-September, and my mother-in-law then has plenty of time to sew it.

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Dealing with A Picky Eater

When Abbie was born, I was determined that once we started solids with her, she would be the best eater. I was going to be sure to introduce all different kinds of foods, and that she would like everything – fruits, veggies, protein, and more. There was no way my kid was going to be the picky eaters my little sisters were – including one sister who subsisted on frozen pizzas and bologna sandwiches for years.

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Mexican Breakfast Meal Prep

For the past few months, I’ve been doing everything I can to make our mornings easier. Getting 2 adults and 2 kids out the door in the morning is not easy (especially when you leave by 7am). I’ve been making as many of my meals ahead of time as possible. First up is breakfast – inspired by this recipe from Skinnytaste – with a few changes to make it work a bit better for me.

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Back to School with a Berry Basil Smash

We are officially finishing up week two of kindergarten around here, and it’s been the best two weeks. Abbie comes home excited about her day, tells us funny stories (like the time she had three breakfasts one morning), and beings home all kinds of papers and projects. Ella, on the other hand, is just excited to see her sister at the end of the day, and they are really developing more of a sisterly relationship every day.

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I’m Jess! I’m a working mama of two sweet sisters living in the DC area. This is my space to share inspiration, real stories of working motherhood, recipes, style, and more! I can’t start my day without coffee and always try to show the real side of motherhood – the good and the challenging. I’m so glad you’re here – thanks for following along on my journey!

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