Making Dinner Easier on Working Moms

Every workday around here ends the same way – a busy day and a long commute home. I’ve never glossed over the harder parts of being a working parent, and without a doubt, the end of the day is one of them.

By the time I get home, Chris and I have both had full work days. Mine started with two daycare dropoffs and his ended with two daycare pickups. By the time we get home, all four of us are tired, ready to relax, and hungry. Since dinner won’t make itself, we start on that right away, but we still always end up eating dinner late – usually around 7pm. It’s a far cry from the 5:30pm dinner I always had as a kid.

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I Was Jealous Today

Dear SAHM friend, I was jealous of you today. Today, as I rushed to work this morning thinking of the day that lay ahead of

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Dealing with Picky Eaters

It must be a scientific fact – the moment my kids enter toddlerhood, they get picky. Suddenly, all the foods they used to love are now foods they won’t touch. They want endless amounts of snacks and beg for them at all hours of the day.

It’s not just my kids, right?

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Ella Jane: 18 Months

How in the world we are already at 18 months I’ll never know. This little girl, you guys. She has exploded in personality over the

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