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Partnering with brands that help working moms thrive

Thriving in motherhood

At Being Mrs. Beer, I showcase the ways moms can thrive in every situation. Moms need all the support possible, with none of the guilt that comes with trying to balance work and motherhood. I strive to support and work with brands that understand the balance and aim to make life easier for moms.

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Brand Work

A Portfolio of sponsored content

Blog Posts

Showcasing how your brands fit into the life of a working mom to make life easier and more fun. Authentic, SEO-driven writing with photography that showcases real motherhood.

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Berry-Basil Smash Recipe

3 Uses for Dawn Dish Soap

Pepperoni Onion Rolls


Meaningful Holiday Gifts

Social Media Posts

Beautiful photography showcasing how your brand fits organically into the lives of working moms everywhere. 

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Video Content

Consumers trust video content when evaluating their families’ needs and making purchases. High resolution  video on YouTube with keywords ensure visibility for your products.

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Motherhood and Lifestyle blogger

Being Mrs. Beer is a lifestyle and motherhood blog started in 2011. Since then, it has expanded from newlywed life to include everything encompassing motherhood – especially working motherhood. 

Jess Beer is a full-time working mom of two girls living in the DC area. This space is dedicated to sharing what works for real families –  (and doesn’t). Everything from parenting and easy meal ideas to wellness and personal style has a home here. We don’t sugarcoat the tough stuff and strive to show the victories and challenges of life as a working parent.


Flexible rate options available upon request.

Social Media Post

$ 500
  • One dedicated Instagram Post
  • 1-3 Instagram Story Slides
  • One dedicated Facebook Post
  • Original Photography

Sponsored Blog Post

$ 1,000
  • One dedicated blog post
  • Social Media Promotion
  • 3-4 high resolution photos
  • SEO + Keyword Research

Sponsored Video

$ 1,500
  • One 1080p HD Video
  • 3-4 minutes in length
  • Product Demo, Tutorial, or Recipe
  • May be bundled with other options

Blog & Video Bundle

$ 2,250
  • One Dedicated Blog Post
  • One 3-4 minute video
  • High resolution photos in blog post
  • Social Media Promotion



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Northern VA / DC


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