Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done.  I’m so blessed to have this little girl to call my own, and I love being her Mommy.  Below is our journey to parenthood!

Our first pregnancy…the story of a miscarriage.
Expecting Abbie:
The Announcement
The Gender Debate
Nursery Ideas
Lessons from Pregnancy
Gender Announcement
Baby Shower Recap
Still Pregnant
Introducing Our Daughter
13 Weeks14 Weeks15 Weeks16 Weeks18 Weeks19 Weeks20 Weeks22 Weeks
23 Weeks24 Weeks25 Weeks26 Weeks28 Weeks30 Weeks31 Weeks32 Weeks
33 Weeks34 Weeks35 Weeks36 Weeks37 Weeks38 Weeks39 Weeks40 Weeks
41 Weeks
Abbie’s Weekly Updates – Birth to 6 Months:
1 Week2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks8 Weeks9 Weeks10 Weeks
11 Weeks12 Weeks13 & 14 Weeks15 Weeks16 Weeks17 Weeks18 Weeks19 Weeks
20 Weeks21 Weeks22 Weeks23 Weeks24 Weeks25 Weeks26 Weeks
Abbie’s Monthly Updates:
Coming Soon!

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