To My Daughter, As You Start Kindergarten

Well, we finally made it. Abbie starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and our entire family is so excited. She’s ready. We’re ready. It’s time to start the big adventure of school, and we just can’t wait. I feel like Kindergarten is one of those milestones you don’t forget as a parent. Of course, I can’t remember my […]

Abbie: 4.5

Four and a half. We don’t typically celebrate half birthdays around here, though I always notice them. When Abbie turned 4.5 back on June 21, I made a mental note of it, but that was about it. No big celebration, no cake – I didn’t even mention it to her, actually. I didn’t even think […]

Switching to Preschool

I mentioned in my catch up post last week that we were switching Abbie to a more structured daycare setting, and today’s the day. Today is the day I bring Abbie to a different daycare for the first time in four years. Abbie has been in the same home daycare since the day I went […]

A Life Update

I don’t even know where to begin this post other than with a giant thank you to everyone that read, commented on, emailed, or otherwise supported me after my last post (including those of you who commented on my Facebook page). I wrote that post in about 20 minutes when all those feelings kind of came […]

The Adjustment to Being a Big Sister

I’ve now gotten to the point in life as a mom of two that it’s hard to remember life with just one. Ella has seamlessly blended into our family, and I’m so grateful the transition has been smooth. A lot of that smooth transition is due to just how well Abbie has adjusted to being a […]

Abbie: FOUR

Today my Abbie turns four. Four. It seems so big to me, and yet suits her perfectly. In fact, for months now I’ve almost been referring to her as four, telling people, “She’ll be four in December.” Now we’re here, and she really is four. People say the time goes so fast, but to me […]