Abbie: 12 Months = One Year

Weight: 23 1/2 pounds when we went for our sick visit on Thursday – with clothes and shoes on.  She’s big enough for the big scale now – I was SO not prepared for that! Health: Pretty good with the exception of the virus she was battling last week.  Baby fevers are seriously scary and […]

Recap: Abbie’s Birthday Party

First of all, I want to thank everyone who left me a comment on my first post about Abbie’s party – I was really having a hard time with everything, and you all helped so much.  Now, I’d like to recap the party as it happened – we made the best of it we could, […]

…Maybe Don’t Blog About This Yet.

…That’s what Chris said to me late last night.  I was getting ready for bed, about to write a weekend recap post (as I usually do), and struggling to find the words.  Struggling to find a way to make everything “rainbows and sunshine” as we so often do in blogland. After he said that to […]