Apple Banana Cookies with Gerber Cereal

We’re now a few months into introducing Ella to solids, and I have to say – it has been so much fun to watch her eat new foods and learn about textures. It’s also fun because unlike her big sister, this kid just loves to eat – she will eat anything and everything. I have yet to find a food she won’t eat. She’ll eat purees, but she definitely prefers to do it all herself.

Formula and the End of Babyhood

This past weekend, we did something that was completely ordinary, but life changing at the same time.  We bought Abbie’s last container of formula. We’ve been using Target’s brand of formula since we started supplementing when I went back to work.  Now that Abbie’s eating well and nearing a year old, we’ve started to make […]


We had a great low-key weekend, and it was just what we needed…even if it didn’t start out great. You know how Abbie’s sleeping has been terrible?  Friday night was one for the books – it was the worst yet.  She was up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep […]

Baby Talk: Introducing Solids

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I’m linking up with Kristin for Baby Talk! As I’ve mentioned before, we started Abbie on solids right at 4 months. It’s on the early side, but I was having supply issues and we thought she could handle it, so we dove in. Now that she’s had them for about 3 […]

Wifesessionals Feature

Hi Ladies!  Today I’m posting over at Wifesessionals, talking about preparing baby food!  Hop on over and check Kaitlyn out – she’s an Army wife and soon to be mom to a little girl!  Happy Friday!