Keeping Your Marriage Strong After Baby

Happy Tuesday!  A few weeks back I did a guest post on Simply Clarke, and I wanted to share it with you today.  It’s so hard to keep your marriage a priority once a baby joins your family, and Chris and I have really had to work hard at it. Both Chris and I  feel […]

I am not SAHM Material.

Today I went back to work after a lot of unexpected time off.  After the stomach bug that hit us last week, I worked Wednesday and a snowstorm hit that night.  Thursday my office was closed, Friday daycare was closed due to the weather, and yesterday daycare was already scheduled closed due to President’s Day.  […]

Rachel and Abbie

Today is my little sister Rachel’s 21st birthday.  Unlike most 21 year olds, she doesn’t want a big celebration.  All she wants is to go into the ABC store to buy whipped cream vodka to make a drink called a creamsicle.  since I haven’t had a drink other than wine in a while…I’ll just assume […]

Toddler Lunches and Snacks

I think it goes without saying that I love being a mom.  I always knew I wanted to be one, and having Abbie only confirmed what I always knew.  What I don’t always love, however, are the tasks that come with being a mom.  Like laundry, cleaning poop, and figuring out what Abbie’s going to […]

Baby Talk: Planning Abbie’s First Birthday

Today I’m linking up for baby talk! When I opened up for questions a few weeks ago, one of the things people asked were our plans for Abbie’s birthday.  Let me first say that I’m astonished it’s just about here!  I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since our little girl entered our […]

Baby Talk: Daylight Savings Time

Before you have kids, Daylight Savings Time isn’t something you think about too much…just a simple move of the clocks.  Other than a day of adjustment, it doesn’t effect your life too much.   Once you have a baby, it’s different.  This weekend is the first time Abbie will really experience DST.  Of course, we […]