Introducing Your Breastfed Baby to Formula

   Deciding how to feed your baby is a personal decision, and there are many reasons parents choose what they do. Some breastfeed, some use formula, and some do a combination of both. I fall into that final category – moms who have done both. I’ve talked about my breastfeeding journey with Ella before, and […]

Knowing When To Stop Pumping

Without a doubt, the hardest part of both my breastfeeding journeys has not been what you might expect. It has not been those initial weeks where you and baby are still figuring each other out. It has not been managing the hunger that comes with nursing. It has not been cracked nipples, mastitis, or engorgement. […]

5 Things You Can Do Now to Protect Your Baby’s Health

  I feel like our health is one of those things that when we have it, we take it for granted, but when we don’t, we’re always trying to chase it. Protecting our health is something that should be ingrained into our everyday life, starting with infancy. It’s so important to instill healthy habits in […]

The Easy Way to Bring Breast Milk on a Plane

When I went to BlogHer a few weeks ago, I was as prepared as possible for pumping while I was gone. I had my trusty Sarah Wells Abby bag filled with everything I needed – my pump, my flanges and additional parts, my freemies, storage bottles, and more. I had extra supplies loaded into my checked baggage – my tea, Oat Mama bars, dish soap, a bottle brush, and even a roll of paper towels to air dry all my parts on. I was incredibly prepared for everything.

The Best Way to Ship Your Breast Milk Home

Two weeks ago, I went on my first trip away since Ella was born – to Orlando for BlogHer and to spend a few days with my Moms Without Answers girls. I was excited for the trip and time get some time away, and Chris was 100% behind me and ready for him to go. I got everything packed and ready, but as a nursing and pumping mom, I had to figure out an extra piece of the puzzle – how was I going to get my milk home?

Fed is Best: Support for Feeding Choices

You know what guys? Sometimes, feeding babies is hard, and sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s somewhere in between. I’ve talked about it before, but my breastfeeding journey this time around has been infinitely easier than it was with Abbie. I’m sure a lot of the difference is that I’m much more experienced this time around, […]