Five On Friday!

Linking up with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha for Five on Friday!   {ONE} Our Holiday shopping is 95% DONE as of this morning.  We’re actually pretty much done all the way through my father-in-law’s birthday in January!  I love that we’re done so early and just have little things to pick up – stocking stuffers, one more thing for Abbie’s […]

This Weekend Was a Doozy.

What is it with me and having crazy weekends?  This one was so busy, I’m already looking forward to next weekend since we actually have NOTHING planned! This one was busy.  It actually started early Friday afternoon when our daycare provider texted me this picture. Abbie had actually started to develop this rash earlier in […]


I feel like I haven’t done a post other than a bumpdate in forever!  It’s been a busy few weeks, and the oppressive heat and humidity make me not want to do ANYTHING.  I’m so glad fall is creeping closer and closer – it’s definitely my favorite season. Lately, our weekends have been pretty laid […]