Dad Post: Women and Sports

Yep, another post from my lovely husband!  I know you all love these, so here he is! When something happens that reminds me how much I’ve changed as a man by having a daughter I usually jump to tell Jess about it.  It is in those situations where I get wound up enough that she […]

Dad Post: We’re Important

One day last week, Chris came home ranting and raving about this video and insisting I watch it.  Jenny McCarthy’s in it, so I automatically knew where this was going.  I know a lot of people like her, but I can’t stand Jenny McCarthy for a lot of reasons.  Neither can Chris.  He showed me […]

Bottom of the Totem Pole {Dad Post}

My husband usually only makes appearance on my space here in pictures…but today I’ve got a treat for you – his view of things.  I gave him free reign to right whatever he wanted on my blog today…and as usual, he didn’t disappoint (the last time he wrote something it was his version of Abbie’s […]