Real Working Moms Talk: The Benefits of Daycare

Putting your kids in daycare can be nervewracking - will they be well cared for? Learn a lot? Will they get sick? There are so many questions,. Hear from real working moms what their daycare experiences have been like!

As a working mom, daycare is a necessity in my life. I can’t even begin to tell you the positive impact that daycare has had on my girls, but all too often, I see negative posts about daycare. People saying they could never leave their kids in daycare, that they’re scared of daycare, etc. There […]

Switching to Preschool

I mentioned in my catch up post last week that we were switching Abbie to a more structured daycare setting, and today’s the day. Today is the day I bring Abbie to a different daycare for the first time in four years. Abbie has been in the same home daycare since the day I went […]

Five on Friday

Well friends, we made it to Friday, and I’ve officially survived my first week back to work. What better way to recap it than a quick five? ONE My first week back to work has gone really well, in fact even better than expected. Everyone keeps telling me they’re happy I’m back and that they […]

To My Second Baby on your First Day of Daycare

Today I go back to work. I’m already feeling all the emotions today, no matter how strongly I feel going back to work is the right thing for us. Today is also Ella’s first day of daycare, and if she could understand me, these are the things I’d want her to know.  My sweet Ella […]

To the New Mom Going Back to Work

It was nearly three years ago now, but I remember the exact day I went back to work after maternity leave. It was the very first time I was leaving my little girl for an entire day, after being fortunate to spend 15 weeks at home with her. I remember dropping her off at daycare […]