Ella: Twelve Months – ONE

Today our littlest love turns one. It’s been one of the fastest years of my life, and I’ve loved every single minute of watching her grow. Time for one last monthly update on our girl before I start spacing them out! Ella at twelve months: Weight: She’s definitely over 20 pounds – girlfriend has packed on […]

Ella: Eight Months

Eight months with our Ella! Our girl had a busy month, so let’s get to her update! Ella at eight months: Weight: I am so curious to see what she weighs next month because I swear she is packing on the weight. We’ll find out next month! Length: Not a clue, and it’s not like she […]

Ella: Seven Months

It’s the third of the month, so that means it’s time for an Ella update! Ella at seven months: Weight: I seriously think this kid is nearly 20 pounds – she is packing on the weight and I love it. Carrying her is more and more of a workout every day! Length: No clue, but she […]

Ella: Six Months

And just like that, our little miss Ella is six months old. Half a year. Crazy. Ella at six months: Weight: We have her six month visit on Friday, so we’ll know for sure then, but I know she’s at minimum 15 pounds 6 ounces – that’s what she was at her last sick visit (more […]

A Life Update

I don’t even know where to begin this post other than with a giant thank you to everyone that read, commented on, emailed, or otherwise supported me after my last post (including those of you who commented on my Facebook page). I wrote that post in about 20 minutes when all those feelings kind of came […]

Ella: Five Months

Our Miss Ella is 5 months old! I hope you’re ready for an update, because it’s coming your way! Ella at five months: Weight: I think shes a bit over 14 pounds. When we went to the doctor when she was sick, she was 14 pounds, 1 ounce – I think being sick knocked her off […]