Stitch Fix: September 2017

The day I get my Stitch Fix box is one of my favorite days of the month – I mean, who doesn’t love a box of fun delivered to their doorstep? Excited to share September’s fix with you today!

Stitch Fix: May 2017

Well, it’s one of my favorite days of the month – Stitch Fix day! I realized the other day that I’ve hit 3 years of receiving boxes, and I love it even more now than when I first started getting them. It makes clothes shopping so easy for me – this busy mom does not […]

Stitch Fix: April 2017

Stitch Fix April 2017

April Stitch Fix time! I’ve been meaning to blog this fix for a solid three weeks. Life just kind of got in the way, but now that my May fix is in progress, I didn’t want to completely leave this one out! This fix had one comical item and a few maybes, but one ultimate […]

Stitch Fix: March 2017

Another month, another Stitch Fix! I’m excited to share this month’s fix with you – some really pretty pieces arrived at my doorstep, but a few of them just didn’t work, so I had a much easier time deciding what to keep this time. On to my fix!     Market & Spruce Sefton Henley […]

Stitch Fix: February 2017

I am so excited to share my latest Stitch Fix box with you guys today! If you remember, my last box was a big disappointment, prompting me to reach out to customer service. I was so impressed with their response and moved my fix up as soon as I could. This fix? Miles better than […]

Stitch Fix: January 2017

Another month, another Stitch Fix box! I actually received this box at the end of December, but with the busyness of the holidays I never got around to sharing it. So we’ll call this one January and move on from there! In this box, I asked for nursing-friendly tops and pants with some give to […]