Ella: Twelve Months – ONE

Today our littlest love turns one. It’s been one of the fastest years of my life, and I’ve loved every single minute of watching her grow. Time for one last monthly update on our girl before I start spacing them out! Ella at twelve months: Weight: She’s definitely over 20 pounds – girlfriend has packed on […]

Abbie the Toddler: 28 Months

I looked at the calendar today and realized it was the 21st… and it had been a long time since I did an Abbie update. I used to do these every month, but as time went on it was pretty similar month to month, so I stopped. I thought I’d just pop up a quick […]

Abbie the Toddler {21 Months}

I kind of just randomly stopped doing Abbie’s updates without ever meaning to. I mostly stopped because I just didn’t have the time. That said, Abbie’s changed quite a bit since my last update here, so I thought I’d do a quick one. So that’s where we’re at. I was a little concerned about her […]

Abbie: 18 & 19 Months

Well, it only took a year and a half, but I definitely fell behind on these updates.  For the record, I did take these pictures of Abbie at 18 months…and never posted them.  19 month pictures?  Yet to happen, so these are the 18 month ones! Weight:  About 26 pounds. Health:  Good, except for the […]

Abbie: 17 Months

Weight:  The last time she stepped on the scale at our Weight Watchers meeting (she thinks it’s fun), 26 pounds with clothes and shoes on. Health:  Good.  I think she may have some seasonal allergies since her eye discharge was really bad for about two weeks. Looks much better lately. Sleep:  Sleeping through the night, […]

Abbie: 16 Months

Weight:  I think about 24 pounds. Health:  Good.  Fighting a cold the last week or so, but nothing major.  Thankfully she escaped the stomach bug that Chris and I had over the weekend. Sleep:  Sleeping through the night every night.  Down to one nap both at daycare and at home. Social:  Lots of noises, but […]