Ella: Nine Months

Nine months with our Ella girl, and it was her busiest month yet. Crazy how fast these months are flying by – here’s her update! Ella at nine months: Weight: Her doctor’s appointment is next week and I’ll update then, but I’m sure she is closing in on 20 pounds. Girlfriend is getting big! Length: No […]

Ella: Eight Months

Eight months with our Ella! Our girl had a busy month, so let’s get to her update! Ella at eight months: Weight: I am so curious to see what she weighs next month because I swear she is packing on the weight. We’ll find out next month! Length: Not a clue, and it’s not like she […]

Ella: Seven Months

It’s the third of the month, so that means it’s time for an Ella update! Ella at seven months: Weight: I seriously think this kid is nearly 20 pounds – she is packing on the weight and I love it. Carrying her is more and more of a workout every day! Length: No clue, but she […]

Ella: Five Months

Our Miss Ella is 5 months old! I hope you’re ready for an update, because it’s coming your way! Ella at five months: Weight: I think shes a bit over 14 pounds. When we went to the doctor when she was sick, she was 14 pounds, 1 ounce – I think being sick knocked her off […]

Ella: Four Months

It’s true what they say, that babyhood goes by so fast. Ella has just gotten more and more fun as time has gone on, and is just the happiest little baby. It’s already time for her four-month update! Ella at four months: Weight: We have a doctor’s appointment today, so I’ll fill this in once […]

Ella: Two Months

Our littlest girl is two months old! Her monthly update is on the blog!

Another month gone by with our littlest miss! This past month has been so much fun with our girls – getting to know Ella more by the day and celebrating her first holiday season. Now as we start the new year, I know my maternity leave is shortening by the minute. Here’s what’s been going […]