To My Daughter, As You Start Kindergarten

Well, we finally made it. Abbie starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and our entire family is so excited. She’s ready. We’re ready. It’s time to start the big adventure of school, and we just can’t wait. I feel like Kindergarten is one of those milestones you don’t forget as a parent. Of course, I can’t remember my […]

I Was Jealous Today

Dear SAHM friend, I was jealous of you today. Today, as I rushed to work this morning thinking of the day that lay ahead of me, I was jealous of the lazy summer morning you might be having. I was jealous of the early morning snuggles and pancake-making you might be enjoying, instead of a […]

March Mindset

Over the past few weeks, I’ve realized I’ll be turning 35 this year – in less than 8 months. Something about that just kind of hit me. 35 is the official midpoint of my thirties, and before I know it, 40 will be around the corner. In thinking about it, I realized that much of […]

Love and Pancakes

Last Monday night, like so many nights, I left work at 5:30, got home about 6:15, and immediately started cooking dinner. It also happened to be a night we had breakfast for dinner – pancakes, specifically. We don’t often have pancakes for dinner, but when I realized our freezer stash was low over the weekend […]

Finding Me Time as a Mom

Let me set the scene for you. It’s 6:45 pm. You’re in the middle of making dinner for yourself and your husband. Your five-year-old is yelling that she needs help in the bathroom (when do they learn to do that themselves, anyway?), your toddler is whining for her dinner as you scramble to get some chicken nuggets on her high chair, and you’re dangerously close to setting off your smoke detector again.

Solutions for Overnight Diapering from a Second Time Mom

I have been a mom for over 5 years now, but I remember those early days all too well. As a new parent, you’re constantly asked how you’re doing and how the baby is doing, and most importantly of all – how you all are sleeping. It’s one of the first things people want to know, and I completely understand why.