Abbie’s Room

Most of you know that we bought our house last fall. Since we’ll be in this house a while, I have full intentions to decorate the whole house. This is the third place Chris and I have lived since getting married in 2011, but it’s the first that’s really felt like ours. I have so […]

Abbie’s Nursery, Take One.

Since we’re moving this month, Abbie’s about to have a different nursery, but it was really important to me to document and show all of you the room she came home to.  Here’s Abbie’s first nursery! I love this room, because it’s the first space we made for Abbie.  It wasn’t completely finished when we […]

A Gender Neutral Nursery…

Yep, you read that right!  To answer what you’ve been wondering since last week – Chris and I have decided to not find out BB’s gender until he or she makes an appearance in December!  We’re so excited for the surprise, and I really think we’ve made the right choice.  It definitely wasn’t he easiest […]