Unexpected Three Day Weekend

I know, I’m recapping a weekend on a Tuesday…but that’s what happens when you unexpectedly get a snow day on Monday!  Mother Nature  heaped about 8 inches of snow on us yesterday, so we spent it at home.  Even though days off are nice, it was extra nice to get back to normal this morning. […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding: The Reception Setup

Nichole’s reception was held at the Richmond Country Club.  I went over in the morning to help with setup, so I was able to snag some pictures! Last recap coming up – her reception!

Weekend..A Little Late

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday – the day just got away from me yesterday.  We had a busy weekend! Friday night we didn’t do much but catch up on the DVR…except that I never seem to completely catch up.  It’s always at least 25-30% full.  Oops. Saturday we headed to Weight Watchers, where I […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding: The Ceremony

It’s been almost a month now, but here are some pictures from Nichole and Paul’s wedding ceremony!  The ceremony was at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond, and it was beautiful!  Some pictures are from the real camera, others are iPhone pictures.  I took some (gotta love dresses with pockets!), Chris took some, […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Getting Ready

Part 2 of 5! Saturday, September 7th came, and the weather was perfect – warm and mostly sunny.  Early in the morning, I headed over the reception venue with Nichole’s brother and sister-in-law to make sure everything was set up, and the girls started getting ready.  Of course, I don’t have pictures from when I […]