What No One Warned Me About Motherhood

Becoming a mom is a huge transition for any woman. You suddenly have another person depending on you (and your partner) for everything. You love this person more than anything in the world, and your life completely changes from the moment they enter it. According to all the books and blog posts, I was prepared […]

A Life Update

I don’t even know where to begin this post other than with a giant thank you to everyone that read, commented on, emailed, or otherwise supported me after my last post (including those of you who commented on my Facebook page). I wrote that post in about 20 minutes when all those feelings kind of came […]

Adjusting Kids for Daylight Savings Time

The time is quickly approaching for the twice a year ritual of daylight savings time. Before Abbie, I honestly didn’t think much of daylight savings time – it was an hour of gained sleep or lost sleep, and that was that. But once you have kids? Well, your kid doesn’t know you’ve lost or gained […]

Keeping Your Marriage Strong After Baby

Happy Tuesday!  A few weeks back I did a guest post on Simply Clarke, and I wanted to share it with you today.  It’s so hard to keep your marriage a priority once a baby joins your family, and Chris and I have really had to work hard at it. Both Chris and I  feel […]