Ella: Seven Months

It’s the third of the month, so that means it’s time for an Ella update! Ella at seven months: Weight: I seriously think this kid is nearly 20 pounds – she is packing on the weight and I love it. Carrying her is more and more of a workout every day! Length: No clue, but she […]

Ella: Six Months

And just like that, our little miss Ella is six months old. Half a year. Crazy. Ella at six months: Weight: We have her six month visit on Friday, so we’ll know for sure then, but I know she’s at minimum 15 pounds 6 ounces – that’s what she was at her last sick visit (more […]

When Motherhood is Hard

I so often like to write as if everything is sunshine and rainbows. Look at me, being crazy busy and making it all work! Look at me – if I’m doing it, you can too! I like my writing to be a source of positivity and inspiration. I am always trying to find the positive […]

Ella: Three Months

Well, here we are at Ella’s three month update! This is one of my favorite ages – she’s getting so much more interactive and really giving us lots of smiles and giggles. I’ve got one week of maternity leave left and I’m going to soak in all her sweetness this week. Here’s an Ella update! […]

Stitch Fix January 2017, Round Two

I’ve got another Stitch Fix review for you guys today, but it’s not my usual glowing review. This fix was only the second one where I sent everything back, and the first one that I was truly disappointed in. The postpartum period is a strange one. I’m not quite feeling like myself again yet, but […]