Abbie: 4.5

Four and a half. We don’t typically celebrate half birthdays around here, though I always notice them. When Abbie turned 4.5 back on June 21, I made a mental note of it, but that was about it. No big celebration, no cake – I didn’t even mention it to her, actually. I didn’t even think […]

Switching to Preschool

I mentioned in my catch up post last week that we were switching Abbie to a more structured daycare setting, and today’s the day. Today is the day I bring Abbie to a different daycare for the first time in four years. Abbie has been in the same home daycare since the day I went […]

Catching Up

Oh my word. It feels like it’s been ages since I did a good old-fashioned catch up post around here, so that’s what’s on the docket for today. Here’s what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks! Abbie got a haircut. Not just a trim, a full cut – she told me before we […]