What’s in My Pump Bag: A List For Working Moms

One of the things I was nervous about when I went back to work a few months ago didn’t have anything to do with daycare, or with work itself.

It was packing my pump bag. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for every situation and had everything I needed to make pumping at work as easy as I could. I’m pretty happy with the supplies I have stashed in my bag, so I wanted to share in case you’re trying to pack your pump bag too!

Five on Friday

Well friends, we made it to Friday, and I’ve officially survived my first week back to work. What better way to recap it than a quick five? ONE My first week back to work has gone really well, in fact even better than expected. Everyone keeps telling me they’re happy I’m back and that they […]

What You Should Know About Pumping at Work

It’s officially my last week of maternity leave with Ella. I have been so fortunate to be home with her for 15 weeks, but I am ready to head back to work. Since this is my second time going back, I pretty much know what to expect. There’s only one thing I’m nervous about – […]