It seems like every fall is a season of change. Not only is it reflected in the trees, leaves, and weather, but in our lives as well. At least, it is in mine.  We just celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish new year. It’s a time to reflect, to think of the year […]

Why I Still Watch Miss America

Last night, Betty Cantrell, Miss Georgia, was crowned Miss America. As I do every year, I was watching it when Chris surprised me by coming up to bed early. When he walked in, it was on a commercial, so he asked what I was watching. As I expected, he chuckled, but I kept watching. The […]


Like all of us who remember this day 14 years ago, I gave a story about it. I remember where I was, what I thought, the shock I never imagined. I remember my classmates and I in shock, not knowing what to do… and our teachers not really knowning either. It’s amazing to me how […]

Emotional Mommy, Party of One

Alright guys, bear with me a second here. I’m a bit emotional today and what is my little place on the internet for if not for my crazy irrational emotions, am I right? (You know you get emotional too). So, today I’m on my way to a conference in Indianapolis. I’m an advisor for a […]

Finding Balance

I don’t know if it’s been evident, but I’ve been struggling a little bit lately. Maybe struggling is a bit strong of a word, but it seems like there’s just too much going on. Too much to do. Too many thoughts. Too many things I want to do. Too much sleep I’m not getting. Anyway, […]