Life as an Interfaith Family {Mom Talk}

Today I’m jumping in with Stephanie and talking about something sensitive – sharing faith with my daughter. I would venture to say that for most people, this is pretty straightforward – teaching them what you believe, going to church, doing Sunday school, etc. For my family, it isn’t quite that easy… because Abbie has two […]

Thoughts from Passover

I don’t really talk about religion much around here. That makes me different from a lot of mommy bloggers I know. So many people proudly proclaim their faith from the moment you land on their homepage. That’s great for them – they know exactly who they are and what they believe in. The other side […]

Being an Interfaith Family

Until Easter of this year, I never knew how many religious friends I had. Like every holiday, my personal facebook feed was flooded with pictures, happy holiday statuses, and plans for the day. I love that people share so much of their lives online like that. I loved seeing pictures of kids dressed up in […]