I Always Buy Extra

Sometimes I think I drive my husband crazy. I’m one of those people who always has extra… of everything. Extra goldfish (for Abbie, which of course he ends up eating some of); extra soap, extra paper towels, extra toothpaste. I hate running out of things, so if it doesn’t go bad? I always have extra […]

6 Reasons to Love Consignment Sales + Giveaway!

I’ve mentioned a few times that the majority of Abbie’s clothes are from consignment sales. From the moment we were expecting, I’ve been buying about 90% of her clothes that way. It’s absolutely my favorite way to shop for her, and if you haven’t shopped consignment sales for kids clothes before, you are seriously missing […]

Why I Didn’t Shop #LillyforTarget

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that yesterday Target released their much-hyped Lily for Target collection. Women flocked to Target to snag it…but I wasn’t one of them. I purposely didn’t even try. Instead, I watched the craziness unfold through social media, and it all went down just as I thought […]

Consignment Sale Shopping Tips

We are well into one of my favorite seasons of the year, and no, I’m not talking about the weather.  I’m talking about consignment sale season! If you’re a mom and you’ve never been to a consignment sale, you’re seriously missing out. They’re typically held in the spring and fall of every year, and one […]

On Thanksgiving Shopping

This weekend is a big one for retailers – the holiday season officially kicks off, and the countdown to Christmas begins.  As I look forward to my long weekend, I can’t help but think about the days I worked retail, and the people who still do. I worked for Wal-Mart during my breaks from college […]

Well Endowed.

This is NOT a sponsored post.  These companies have no idea I’m writing about them – they’re just ones I personally love and have purchased from! Today I’d thought I’d take some time to talk about a particular issue of mine.  It’s one I have to deal with every day.  I have to carry it and […]