Unexpected Three Day Weekend

I know, I’m recapping a weekend on a Tuesday…but that’s what happens when you unexpectedly get a snow day on Monday!  Mother Nature  heaped about 8 inches of snow on us yesterday, so we spent it at home.  Even though days off are nice, it was extra nice to get back to normal this morning. […]

Abbie’s Snow Day

Since this past snowfall was (hopefully) the last one of the winter, I managed to get outside with Abbie to get a few pictures!  She didn’t really seem too interested in it…but obliged me while I snapped away.  Also, I’m on day 5 of my weekend…and I’m ready to go back to work.  And I’m […]

Snow Day & Kendra Scott Giveaway!

Well, as I’m sure so many of you have heard, we’re snowed in here in the DC area.  We’ve got close to a foot of snow outside already, and more on the way tonight.  Chris and I are both home from work today, and I think we’ll at least be delayed tomorrow.  Here’s what we […]

Stomach Bug 3, Beer Family 0

So I didn’t mean to disappear for a few days, but we got hit hard with a stomach bug starting on Sunday.  Think being sick is no fun?  Try your baby being sick, then you getting sick, then your husband getting sick. I’ve dealt with more grossness in the past few days than I have […]