In Memoriam

I had a whole post planned for today, but when I saw the news this morning, I couldn’t post it. It was happy and the news coming out of Virginia this morning was too sad.   UPDATE: State police now say man suspected of killing two WDBJ7 employees shot himself, and he is still alive […]

April 16.

Every year this day brings back a mix of emotions.  It brings back terror, sadness, and worry about my friends, sorority sisters, teachers, coworkers, and everyone else in the Virginia Tech community.  Yesterday’s events in Boston bring me right back to that day. It also brings back hope.  It brings back love and support.  It continues to […]

Silence and Support for Sandy Hook

Yesterday’s events shocked and horrified us all.  As a Hokie, I remember the pain of knowing this was my community, and it’s a pain I would never wish on anyone.  VT President Steger said this, and it is so true: "We of the greater Virginia Tech community know, from our experience, of the unending sorrow […]

Hug Each Other A Little Tighter Today.

Every time there’s a shooting of any sort, but especially at a school, I relive April 16, 2007 and the horror that one man inflicted on my beautiful college campus.  And I was an adult when it happened. I don’t understand how anyone could hurt innocent children.  Elementary school should be a safe place.  Today’s […]