Ten Years

Ten years. I know most people are celebrating Easter today, but that’s not at all what this day means to me. Every year, April 16 is marked on my calendar, marked in remembrance of 32. 10 years ago today, 32 people got up and got ready for their day – going to class, going to […]

#ThanksFrank: A Day in Blacksburg

I hope you guys had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I purposely stayed off social media for most of the day to just spend time with my family. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and I feel like I’m still recovering from them, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to write about last Saturday pass me by. […]

November Goals

It’s time for my monthly goals check, and I’m happy to report that keeping it simple is doing me wonders. I like having only 5 goals to hit every month since it made things so much more attainable. So how did October go? October’s Goals: Create Buttons for my sidebar. So, I technically did this November […]

8 years

This day hits me hard. Every single year. Eight years ago today, I was at work at Enterprise, just going about my day. I vividly remember walking back into my office from running an errand or helping a customer, and our lot attendant telling me there was a shooting in Blacksburg. I don’t remember his […]

10 Things I Miss About Virginia Tech

Today, I’m skipping all those Friday linkups. As you read this, I’m either on the way to or already at my alma mater, Virginia Tech, to take my little sister for a visit. She’s been accepted and I’m happy to help her make the (right) decision. Totally kidding. I want her to go where she […]

That Time I Almost Got in a Fight at 7 Months Pregnant

Yep, you read that right, and it’s true. I almost got in an actual, physical fight at 7 months pregnant. This weekend when I was having breakfast with Courtney, we were talking about her husband’s love of Royals’ baseball (and that my husband is cheering for them too since the Nationals are out), and I […]