From Girls to Women

Last week, someone linked to this article on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but repost it.  While there are a lot of people important to me in my life, there are two that had the distinct pleasure of being my roommates for two years in college – my friends Amy and Sarah. These two women mean […]

32 For 32

Every year April 16 brings back a range of emotions – terror, sadness, and worry…and hope, love, and support.  In remembrance of the 32 Hokies we lost 7 years ago today, I thought I’d do something a little different.  It involves pennies.  32 of them, to be exact.   I wanted to do something small […]


So there’s this card game I’ve heard of and never played.  You may have heard of it.  It’s called Cards Against Humanity. I was considering buying it, just to see what all the fuss was about.  I don’t know the rules of it, and I don’t know how it’s played.  But after someone I know […]

Thanksgiving is my favorite.

It seriously is, but once again a major picture fail.  I hope all of you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did, and Chris and I really took full advantage of our four days off – it’s probably the last long weekend we’ll have to ourselves in a while! We spent Thanksgiving at my […]


As I’m sure all of you have noticed, I’ve been kind of MIA from blogland (with the exception of weekly bumpdates of course).  The truth is, there’s been a lot going on (like a major happening at work – don’t worry, I’m fine) and honestly, most days I’m too tired to do anything but put […]

One of the Best Days of the Year…

Reasons I love today: It’s Labor Day and we have the day off! HOKIE FOOTBALL TONIGHT! 100 days until the due date of Baby Beer! Let’s Go……(Baby kicks HOKIES!) Photo courtesy of VT University Relations.  I LOVE Lane Stadium at night!