I Was Jealous Today

Dear SAHM friend, I was jealous of you today. Today, as I rushed to work this morning thinking of the day that lay ahead of me, I was jealous of the lazy summer morning you might be having. I was jealous of the early morning snuggles and pancake-making you might be enjoying, instead of a […]

Love and Pancakes

Last Monday night, like so many nights, I left work at 5:30, got home about 6:15, and immediately started cooking dinner. It also happened to be a night we had breakfast for dinner – pancakes, specifically. We don’t often have pancakes for dinner, but when I realized our freezer stash was low over the weekend […]

Simple 401k Management for Working Moms

  When I switched jobs last month, there were a lot of changes in our lives. My hours changed, my commute changed, and daily routines changed. But in addition to all of those big changes I could see, there were some I couldn’t – like changes in our benefits. I have always carried the benefits […]

New Beginnings

You know that saying about how one door closes, and another one opens? I can never remember the exact wording of it, but it’s exactly my life right now. Big changes are happening in our neck of the woods. What are they, you ask? Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that on […]

Knowing When To Stop Pumping

Without a doubt, the hardest part of both my breastfeeding journeys has not been what you might expect. It has not been those initial weeks where you and baby are still figuring each other out. It has not been managing the hunger that comes with nursing. It has not been cracked nipples, mastitis, or engorgement. […]

Real Working Moms Talk: The Benefits of Daycare

Putting your kids in daycare can be nervewracking - will they be well cared for? Learn a lot? Will they get sick? There are so many questions,. Hear from real working moms what their daycare experiences have been like!

As a working mom, daycare is a necessity in my life. I can’t even begin to tell you the positive impact that daycare has had on my girls, but all too often, I see negative posts about daycare. People saying they could never leave their kids in daycare, that they’re scared of daycare, etc. There […]